Boost Your Conversions with 7 Examples of Limited-Time Offers

Conversion Rate Optimization Sep 19, 2023
Boost Your Conversions with 7 Examples of Limited-Time Offers

Imagine you're at a tech store, and it's getting late. You finally spot the tablet you've been eyeing, and it's currently on sale at a 25% discount. You plan to return to the store tomorrow to make the purchase.

However, a salesperson approaches you and informs you that the value is exclusively available for that day; it won't be applicable after today. Faced with this situation, what course of action would you take?

In this blog, Fordeer will help you Boost Your Conversions with 7 Examples of Limited-Time Offers.

What is Limited-Time Offers

The 'Limited Time Offer' (LTO) represents a highly effective pricing strategy companies employ to elevate short-term sales. Let's delve into the findings of a survey conducted by RetailMeNot:

  • 62% of consumers acknowledge that they can only finalize a purchase after seeking an offer.
  • 81% of Americans express that the quest for exceptional offers or discounts is a persistent consideration throughout their purchasing journey.

These statistics are indeed substantial. Limited-time offers can be likened to the 'Hulk' versions of marketing campaigns, exerting immense influence to prompt action. Encouraging individuals to take action is a challenging endeavor, but various types of limited-time offers can be harnessed effectively.

These offers not only enhance sales but also cultivate customer loyalty. What kinds of limited-time offers can you put into practice?

Examples of Limited-Time Offers

Employing urgency and scarcity in your marketing can prompt people to take advantage of a special offer with a sense of immediacy. By conveying that the offer has an impending expiration date or that the availability is limited, you instill motivation in your customers to take action. The advantages of employing urgency and scarcity are readily apparent.

You can utilize urgency when your offer is time-bound by specifying a deadline. With a deadline, customers may act on your recommendation.

Countdown Limited Offers

Incorporating countdown timers into your promotions creates a sense of urgency among potential customers, compelling them to act swiftly to avoid the fear of missing out (FOMO).

If you're seeking a practical approach to bolster your conversion rate, experimenting with a countdown timer offer can be a compelling strategy.

Experimenting with a countdown timer offer can be a compelling strategy.

Countdown timers are a highly effective means of motivating customers to purchase before the sale concludes. As the term implies, these offers feature a visible countdown timer. Such requests can either mark the culmination of a deal or its commencement, stating 'offer starts in...'

With the awareness that time is swiftly running out, customers are incentivized to purchase from you before the limited-time offer expires.

Time-Bound Offers Tailored to Various Product Categories

Popups display various offers.

These offers are exclusively accessible for a restricted duration, following which they will be deactivated. The illustration above displays various offers, with each request corresponding to a distinct product category.

This approach enables you to present all your campaigns to potential customers, imparting a heightened sense of urgency to each product category.

Time-Limited Site-Wide Offers

If your objective is to enhance your site's promotion to boost sales, exploring the advantages of a sitewide discount is worthwhile. A landing page is a single webpage that visitors arrive at by clicking on an external link, such as an advertisement or search engine result, rather than the homepage.

Offers with Limited Inventory

This particular type of offer is a highly potent marketing strategy for customers. Essentially, it signifies that once the available stock is depleted, the deal will no longer be accessible. Hence, it represents a singular opportunity! The pivotal aspect here is that this offer category inherently conveys scarcity, instilling a sense of urgency as individuals believe the product could vanish at any moment.

People are notably inclined to seize the chance to acquire a product at a favorable offer when they perceive that it is obtainable for a limited duration.

Offers for New Customers' Initial Purchases

First-time purchase offers are strategically crafted to attract individuals who have never previously purchased at your store. Retailers employ these offers to augment the volume of new customers making their first purchase at their establishment.

For instance, this advertisement encourages potential customers to register on the website, giving them a 50 percent discount on their inaugural purchase. This approach accomplishes two objectives: it motivates them to complete a purchase and encourages them to provide their email address for registration. You can endeavor to generate similar popups with ease using Fordeer: Sales Pop Up ‑ Popups

First-time purchase offers are strategically crafted.

In the present day, consumers are inundated with a plethora of offers and promotions. To capture their attention effectively and prevent potential sales losses, you must provide recommendations that distinguish them from the crowd.

Compelling Call to Action Incentives

The deployment of Call to Action (CTA) messages is a commonplace practice. A Call to Action is any message extended to the user, urging them to execute a particular action. How about furnishing a CTA that offers tangible benefits?

The deployment of Call to Action (CTA) messages is a commonplace practice.

One approach could involve presenting customers with a FREE shipping incentive to encourage them to register on your website, a proposition efficiently conveyed through a pop-up.

One-Time Exclusive Offers

Limited-time offers come in various forms, and if an offer lacks a defined time limit, it may be categorized as a one-time exclusive offer. Typically, such proposals are accompanied by an expiration date.

The one-time exclusive offer is highly effective for instilling a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Businesses often use such offers to incentivize customers to make additional purchases after their initial transaction.

The pivotal aspect of a one-time offer lies in informing the customer or potential buyer that they have a single opportunity to acquire the product, and the purchase must be immediate.

Pro Tip: Harness the Power of "Get"

In your calls to action, including the word 'Get' ranks among the most potent CTAs. Among the top 15 calls to action, the term 'get' is featured in 10 of them.

  • Get your 15% discount now.
  • Get your exclusive discount
  • Pro Tip: Cultivate Trust

Many businesses regularly employ limited-time offers paired with limited inventory to generate heightened interest. The most resounding method for establishing your credibility is through action. It's imperative that you can substantiate all the promises you make.

Your credibility suffers if a customer returns to the same product and encounters the same offer supposedly terminated days ago. This impact extends to your subsequent offers and sales. Over time, your customers will come to expect this.

Additionally, if you opt for a sitewide sale offer, it's essential that everything is genuinely discounted; otherwise, visitors may leave your site.

Provide users with the correct information to avoid a loss of website visitors.


You now have the opportunity to put into practice what you've gleaned from this article. We've introduced seven types of limited-time offers. You can experiment with one of these popup styles in your business today. These valuable insights will expedite your journey as you strive to establish a profitable enterprise.

Ensure that your limited-time offer is centered around a product in high demand, select a duration that genuinely entices customers, and be cautious not to be too generous with your request. Effectively executing a limited-time offer entails communicating to your customers that they have a brief window of opportunity to seize the deal. This communication can be achieved through email, social media, or even direct mail.


What is a limited-time offer, and why is it effective in marketing?

A limited-time offer is a promotional strategy where businesses provide discounts, deals, or incentives for a specified period, creating a sense of urgency among customers.

This urgency often increases conversions because people are motivated to purchase before the offer expires. Limited-time offers are compelling because they tap into the psychological principles of scarcity and FOMO (fear of missing out), convincing customers to take action.

What are some common types of limited-time offers?

Several types of limited-time offers include flash sales, countdown timers, one-time offers, and discounts. Flash sales are short-term discounts, often lasting just a few hours, designed to create urgency. Countdown timers display the time remaining for an offer, encouraging quick decisions.

One-time offers are promotions that customers can only access once. Discounts can range from percentage-based discounts to buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals, all with a set expiration date.

How can businesses effectively use countdown timers in their limited-time offers?

Countdown timers are a powerful tool to boost conversions. Businesses can use them by prominently displaying the time remaining for an offer on their website or in marketing emails.

The key is creating a sense of urgency by informing customers that the deal will expire soon. This urgency encourages customers to take action quickly, leading to higher conversions.

Are limited-time offers suitable for all types of businesses?

Limited-time offers can be effective for many businesses, but their suitability depends on the industry and target audience. They are particularly effective for e-commerce stores, restaurants, online courses, and service-based businesses. However, any business can utilize limited-time offers creatively to boost sales and customer engagement.

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