Converting Visitors into Clients: The Impact of Social Proof Widgets

Social Proof Sep 18, 2023
Converting Visitors into Clients: The Impact of Social Proof Widgets

Consider your most recent online purchase. What steps did you take before making the purchase? You likely reviewed product ratings and customer feedback.


You requested to assess the level of satisfaction of past customers. Regarding trust, we often rely more on user experiences than brand names. When you peruse ratings and reviews, you're seeking validation and reassurance.

These validations Fordeer seeks are referred to as 'Social Proof.' If you're a business owner conducting online sales, social proof is the enchanting lamp capable of establishing trust with customers, increasing sales, and fostering credibility!

However, the initial step involves incorporating your social proof elements into your e-commerce store, and Social Proof Widgets are the tools designed for this purpose!

Fordeer will delve into social proof and social proof widgets in this article. Fordeer will explore their significance, connection to your business, and how you can harness them for effective social selling!

Some key statistics

Here are some key statistics that emphasize the significance of social proof. These insights are derived from Trustmary:

  • 93% of consumers review online feedback before making purchasing decisions.
  • 58% of consumers are willing to pay more or travel farther to patronize businesses with positive customer reviews.
  • 94% of consumers have avoided companies due to negative reviews.
  • 62% of consumers are more inclined to purchase when they see photos and videos from other customers.
  • After watching a testimonial video, two out of three consumers are likelier to buy.
  • Replacing landing page reviews with video testimonials can result in an 80% increase in conversion rates.

These statistics undoubtedly underscore the importance of social proof. With this validation, let's delve into more details!

Understanding Social Proof

Social proof is a potent psychological concept that shapes how individuals make decisions. Essentially, it describes the inclination of people to align their behaviour and beliefs with those of others, particularly those they regard as authoritative figures or individuals who share similar values.

To illustrate this, consider a scenario: You visit a restaurant and notice a few patrons. Then, right next door, you spot another restaurant teeming with a massive crowd. What crosses your mind?

Social proof is a potent psychological concept that shapes how individuals make decisions.

The first restaurant might not offer good food and feel more inclined to visit the second one because such a substantial crowd can't be mistaken, correct? This is precisely how social proof operates.

The concept of social proof has been an integral part of marketing for ages, but the advent of social media has transformed its scale, accessibility, and effectiveness. Think of the earlier example, but replace the massive crowd with the reach of your social media posts. Can you feel the impact?

Your social media activities serve as your social proof. If you run an e-commerce store and seek an effective means to establish trust and credibility, integrating your social media feeds onto your site is the way to go. That's where social proof widgets come into play.

Social Proof and Its Role in E-Commerce

Up until now, Fordeer has examined some crucial statistics. At first glance, these numbers might appear to be mere figures. However, let's explore what happens when these statistics are implemented.

Indeed, this section will shed light on how your e-commerce store can harness the power of social proof. Take a closer look at the significant impact that social proof widgets can wield.

Establish Trust

Building a seller-consumer relationship commences with trust. When you sell online, potential customers need help to assess the quality of your products physically. So, when will they choose to buy from you? The answer lies in their belief in your credibility. Social proof emerges as your greatest ally in this endeavour. Establishing a robust social media presence can significantly boost a brand's credibility for visitors browsing the store.

Enhance Credibility

Can you recall the last time you purchased a brand you had never heard of? It might be challenging to remember such an instance because every purchase represents an investment. Customers seek assurance of value for their money.

Hence, people tend to believe in a brand when they encounter it while looking for businesses in its associated sector. Each online interaction necessitates commitment and trust; establishing solid social proof is vital. Guarantee acts as the harbinger of trust, faith, and credibility. By presenting compelling social evidence, you can position yourself as a trustworthy partner, leading to financial commitment from your customers.

Extend Your Reach

When your business delivers quality, satisfied customers will become your advocates. Social media platforms are hubs for interpersonal interactions. When your customers are content, they are inclined to recommend your business whenever someone inquires about your sector.

They might even leave favourable reviews. Word-of-mouth marketing is a potent means of attracting new leads. People tend to trust recommendations from others when considering a business. Social proof serves as the ideal tool to ignite your brand's reputation. By showcasing social evidence in your store, new visitors will instinctively feel a sense of trust.

Enhance the Customer Experience

In this digital era, online shoppers exhibit caution. They often doubt a company's claims and the functionality of its products. This is where social proof comes to the rescue. You can request satisfied customers to provide reviews or testimonials, which can be displayed on your site. Their experiences are likely to influence new individuals and initiate interactions.

People tend to trust recommendations from others when considering a business

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Types of Social Proof

Before delving into social proof widgets, it's essential to be well-versed in the various types of social proof. Numerous varieties exist, and not all may be suitable for your business. Here, Fordeer has summarized some of the most effective forms of social proof that have been proven to boost conversion rates:

Reviews are opinions your customers share after using your product or service. They often take the form of written statements expressing satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your product.

Ratings: Ratings provide a numerical measurement of satisfaction. This can be a numerical scale or a certain number of geometric figures, such as stars or thumbs up. Platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Amazon often feature rating systems.

Ratings provide a numerical measurement of satisfaction

Testimonials: Testimonials consist of positive feedback from notable figures within your industry. While they share similarities with reviews, testimonials carry significant weight and can substantially enhance credibility.

Social Feeds: If you're involved in online selling, you already have social media profiles. Your social feeds serve as showcases for your products and provide a means for direct interaction with both existing and potential customers. Examples include your Instagram feed, Facebook Page, and Twitter feed.

User-Generated Content (UGC): UGC refers to content generated by your consumers on behalf of your brand. In this concept, your customers become advocates for your brand, creating content, discussing your product, and sharing it on various social media platforms.

Social Proof Widgets

Social proof's significance, influence, and indispensability should be abundantly clear. Nevertheless, harnessing these advantages necessitates incorporating social proof into your Shopify store.

If you are a Shopify user, you can streamline this process using social media plugins. These external services are specifically crafted to seamlessly integrate your social media profiles and proof into your store, enhancing your sales.

One such noteworthy solution is Fordeer: Sales Pop Up - Popups. This all-in-one plugin offers remarkable features, including real-time purchase notifications and visitor counters, that can significantly boost your store's conversion rates and foster trust among your customers.

Fordeer: Sales Pop Up - Popups can boost your store's conversion rates and foster customer trust


In conclusion, statistics indisputably demonstrate the effectiveness of social proof in marketing. You can amass social evidence through various means such as reviews, ratings, testimonials, social media feeds, and live chats - whichever suits your business best.

However, keeping these valuable assets from your social media accounts is crucial. Instead, leverage the power of social proof widgets to bring them to your store. The right social proof widgets can elevate your business from an ordinary store to a trusted and prominent authority in your industry.

Exercise wisdom, cultivate trust, and maintain consistency. Fordeer wholeheartedly supports your business endeavours. Farewell!

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What is a social proof widget, and how does it work?

A social proof widget is a tool that displays real-time information about the activities of your store visitors or customers. It typically showcases actions like recent purchases, reviews, or user-generated content. It works by collecting and presenting this data to create a sense of trust and credibility among your site visitors.

Why should I consider using social proof widgets on my store?

Social proof widgets can significantly impact your business by building trust, increasing credibility, and boosting conversions. They provide evidence of your product or service's quality and popularity, which can persuade potential customers to take action.

What types of social proof can be displayed using widgets?

Social proof widgets can display various types of social proof, including customer reviews, star ratings, recent purchase notifications, user-generated content from social media, and even live visitor counters. The choice depends on your business goals and what resonates most with your audience.

Are social proof widgets effective for all types of businesses?

Social proof widgets can benefit many businesses, from e-commerce stores to service providers. Any company that wants to build trust, enhance credibility, and drive conversions can leverage social proof widgets to achieve these goals.

Do social proof widgets require technical expertise to implement?

Most social proof widget providers offer user-friendly tools and plugins that don't require extensive technical knowledge. Integrating these widgets into your store is typically straightforward and can be done with minimal effort.

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