Creatives Ideas to Utilize Shopify Product Badges to Attract Customers

Shopify Best Practices Jan 11, 2024
Creatives Ideas to Utilize Shopify Product Badges to Attract Customers

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, standing out is crucial for business to succeed. One of the tools to help merchants differentiate their stores is the use of product badges.

These small but impactful visual elements can play a significant role in attracting customers and boosting sales. In this blog post, Fordeer will give you an overview of Shopify product badges to make sure you have a good grasp on this topic and some creative ideas to effectively utilize Shopify product badges.

Overview of Shopify product badges

Understanding Shopify product badges

Shopify product badges are like those cool labels or stickers that can jazz up your store and make your products pop. It's a mix of some text or an image with a bit of design, and you've got a standout badge!

Understanding Shopify product badges

Imagine you've got some awesome new stuff in store. You should add a "New Arrival" badge, and everyone will know what's hot. Or, if you've got 5-star products that everyone loves, give them a shoutout with a "Best Seller" label. You can even use badges to get shoppers excited.

Moreover, you can throw on an "Only 2 Left" badge to show them how exclusive and in-demand your products are. It's like giving your store a friendly and stylish makeover!

How product badges can increase sales

Product badges can be a game-changer for your online store. These little badges are cheering on your products and getting customers excited to hit that "Add to Cart" button. Here's how these magical badges can boost your sales and make your eCommerce dreams come true:.

It shows trustworthy social proof

Customers don’t believe in what your store says about you; they believe in real experiences from real customers. By showing your customers that other shoppers are also into these products, you can make them say "yes" easily and drive them to take action.

Check out these cool badges: Best Seller, Staff Pick, and even the Out Of Stock one. They're like your virtual high-fives, giving social proof to your awesome customers. Here's what these badges mean:

  • Best Seller badge: It's like saying, "Hey, people just like you are loving this item!" Your happy customers are all giving a thumbs-up to that fantastic product.
  • Staff Pick badge: Trust the experts—that's the vibe here. It's like you are waving a flag, saying, “We've got an eye for the good stuff, and this product is our pick of the bunch!”
  • Out Of Stock badge: This badge says "This item is so incredible that we can't keep it on the shelves." It's like the VIP of your store, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

So, with these badges, you're not just selling products – you're sharing stories. Stories of happy customers, trusted recommendations, and items so amazing they fly off the virtual shelves.

It emphasizes scarcity

These badges are more than just eye-catching images. They tap into the sense of FOMO – fear of missing out. It's that feeling you get when you know something awesome is about to run out, and you can't bear the thought of being left out. That's the magic of “Almost Gone” and “Low Inventory” badges right there!

So, why does this matter for your store? Well, it's all about creating a buzz and a bit of urgency. When shoppers see these badges, it's like a gentle reminder saying, "Hey, these products are flying off the virtual shelves, and you don't want to miss out!" And guess what? It works like a charm.

Customers, fueled by that FOMO energy, are more likely to hit that "Buy Now" button. It's the thrill of securing something unique before it vanishes into the retail abyss. Plus, no one wants to risk missing out on an awesome product, right?

Moreover, these badges guide shoppers toward making quicker decisions. After all, no one wants to regret not snagging that fantastic item when it was just a click away. So, embrace the power of scarcity, sprinkle those “Almost Gone” and “Low Inventory” badges, and get ready for this exciting shopping experience.

It creates a sense of urgency

The “Deal of the day” and “Limited edition” aren’t just fancy decorations, they also provide fantastic opportunities to attract customers and boost sales. This badge isn't just for show; it's a ticket to an exclusive sale that's here for a limited time only. Customers love a good deal, and knowing they have a ticking clock adds that extra thrill.

The "Limited Edition" badge is like a VIP pass to the most exclusive party in town. It tells your customers, "This product is like a rare unicorn – grab it before it disappears!" Whether it's because the sale is ending soon or there are only a few items left, that little badge adds a bit of excitement to the shopping experience.

Customers see these badges and think, "I've got to grab this deal before it slips through my fingers!" It's not just about making a purchase; it's about being a part of something special, something that won't stick around forever.

It’s a bargain

These badges aren't just cute labels; they're your shopping sidekicks. They give you the scoop on the hottest deals, making it a breeze to buy the coolest stuff before the offers vanish into thin air. It's like having a personal guide in your shopping adventure.

A well-thought-out badge strategy that puts the spotlight on the juiciest deals in your store. It's like a treasure map leading you straight to the must-have products. With these badges, you're not just browsing; you're on a mission to score the most irresistible finds.

Creative ideas to utilize Shopify product badges to attract customers

Ideas for social proof Shopify product badges


Bestseller badges

These badges aren't just labels; they're your deal detectors. They make your shopping spree a thrilling adventure, helping you snag the coolest stuff before the deals disappear.

This product badge shows customers what items are all the range right now. It reinforces social proof by letting them know that lots of other people have already picked this item.

Staff picks

Staff picks badges

These badges aren't just there for looks; they're your trusty guides in the vast world of products. They're the stamp of approval, assuring you that the experts have given their nod of approval.

This gives the products a sense of reliability. It’s like you are waving your flags for some top-notch recommendations, which nudges customers toward the best of the best.

As seen on

As seen on badges

This shows that your products are amazing and it's getting major love from the big shots – you know, celebrities, talk show hosts, and even those famous YouTubers you binge-watch.

It's not just us saying it's awesome; the real experts are putting their stamp of approval on it. So, when you grab our product, you're not just getting something good – you're getting the VIP treatment approved by the big men in the field.

Back in stock

Back in stock badges

These badges and labels show customers what popular products are sold out and it is now available again. That badge is like a reminder sign for customers to add this product to their cart now or else they will miss out on good deals.


Pre-order badges 

This pre-order badge is like a VIP invitation. It's like they're saying, "Hey, be the ultimate trendsetter – grab these products before anyone else does!". So, here's the lowdown: When you slap on the Pre-order badge, suddenly, you're not just buying a product; you're securing a front-row seat to the shopping experience.

Out of stock

Out of stock badges

Instead of removing the item from the store, an “Out of Stock” label keeps the product in front of customers and shows how popular it is. It keeps the product front and center.

Thus, curious shoppers might think: “Hey, I missed out this time, but when it's back, I'm grabbing it!”. It's like keeping a promise of future awesomeness.

Ideas for promotion Shopify product badges (sale discounts)

Save $ , save %

Save $ , save % badges

This “Save %” is presented with a label displaying the percentage off the item. This “Save $” or product sticker clearly shows how much money a customer will save if they purchase this item during the sale.


Clearance badges

The word "clearance" implies that the product is available for a limited time or until stocks last. These badges can highlight products and give customers a last chance to buy them before they are gone.

Buy one get one free

Buy one get one free badges

In reality, this is a half-price promotion. However, it entices customers to make additional purchases in order to receive something free. And everyone loves good deals, don’t they? .

Free shipping

Free shipping badges

Customers have come to expect free shipping as a standard offering. Free shipping badges or label could eliminate the surprise of additional costs during the checkout process, making them more likely to complete the purchase


This allows customers to receive items regularly (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) with subscriptions.  Items that support subscriptions could use a badge or label such as Subscribe & Save.

Bulk discount

The primary purpose of bulk discount badges is to encourage customers to buy more items in a single transaction. By offering discounts for larger quantities, you motivate customers to consider purchasing additional products to take advantage of the savings.


Add-ons badges draw attention to additional features or benefits that come with a product. Whether it's free shipping, a warranty, or an exclusive bundle, these badges communicate extra value to the customer.

Product bundles

Product bundle badges create a sense of value for customers. When items are bundled together, buyers often perceive a better deal, as they are getting multiple products at a discounted or special price.

Ideas for current event/ recency product badges

New arrivals

New arrivals badges

Well, cue the excitement because product badges are here to make your items stand out in the style game! Take a look at Hollister – they've got this cool gray and white "NEW!" badge for their latest arrivals. But hey, let's crank up the vibes a bit! How about splashing some lively red or sunshine yellow on those badges? Picture this: your shoppers can't help but notice the burst of color, and bam – your newest goodies are stealing the spotlight! Time to get those eyes sparkling and those products flying off the shelves

Seasonal/ Holidays

Seasonal/ Holidays

Holidays, celebrations, and those sweet seasonal moments always bring good vibe. We're talking about turning your store into a festive haven with themes like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father's Day, and Mother's Day. It's like bringing the holiday spirit right to your customers' fingertips

Ideas for scarcity/urgency product badges

Limited edition

Limited edition badges

Limited Edition badge is like an exclusive invitation. It signals that these items are like rare gems, available only for a limited time. So, if you're all about snagging unique and time-limited products, keep your eyes peeled for that Limited Edition badge.

Deal of the day

Deal of the day badges

Although the item might be available tomorrow, this label highlights that the sale is only for that particular day.

Countdown timers

Countdown timers badges

It's like a friendly reminder that time's ticking! When you see this, it's like your favorite product is giving you a little nudge, saying, "Hey, don't miss out! Time's running out to make me yours." It's like turning shopping into a cool race against the clock. So, if you're feeling the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), that's the vibe!

Low stock

Low stock badges

With low-sock badges and labels, your customers can check out on the scarcity alert. It's like a reminder: Don't miss out on the fun! Get it before it's gone, and let the good times roll.

That sounds like there are many things to learn, right? But no worries, because Shopify app stores have your back. Our Product Badges & Label now available on Shopify, can help you effortlessly enhance your customers' shopping experience by using attractive labels and badges, making it easier for them to make purchasing decisions and buy more.


Incorporating Shopify product badges strategically can significantly impact your e-commerce success. You’ve better experiment with various badge ideas to see which resonates most with your target audience.

Whether you're highlighting the best sellers, promoting discounts, or showcasing your commitment to sustainability, these visual cues can capture attention, build trust, and ultimately drive sales.

So, stay creative, stay relevant, and watch as your Shopify product badges become powerful tools for attracting and retaining customers!

Stay tuned with the Fordeer Team!

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