Fordeer PDF Invoice New Features Release 2024

Fordeer Updates May 14, 2024

After months of diligent development and hard work, we are thrilled to roll out several exciting new features. These updates are designed to not only enhance your store's branding but also enrich your invoices with essential information that complies with local regulations.

Here's a brief overview of our latest enhancements. For more detailed information, please check out our dedicated articles on each feature:

Download All Orders

Save time by downloading all store orders at once. Please note, orders are downloaded as a ZIP file, not as individual PDFs.

Custom Invoice Number

To comply with the accounting requirements of certain countries, you can now set a custom numbering sequence for your invoices, independent of your Shopify order numbers. If no custom sequence is set, your Shopify order ID will automatically be used.

Add Page Attachments

Enhance your invoices by attaching additional documents such as payment terms or policies. These attachments can be added as basic HTML files or via direct web URLs. For a step-by-step guide on setting this up, please refer to our detailed helpdesk article.

Add Print and Download Button to Shopify’s Customer Order Detail Page

For added convenience, we've included print and download buttons on the Shopify Customer Order detail page, allowing your customers to easily access and save important documents like invoices and receipts. For complete instructions on how to implement this, please visit our detailed helpdesk article here.

Collect Customer VAT Number

You can now collect VAT numbers directly on the cart and customer registration pages. This information will be included in the Billing Details section of your documents, ensuring compliance and convenience. To learn how to collect a customer's VAT number, please see our comprehensive guide here.

Order Selection for Customization Preview

Streamline your workflow by selecting and previewing any order directly from the Customization section—no need to switch back and forth from the Orders tab.

Templates Redesign

We've updated our templates to give your invoices a more professional and recognizable look, automatically enhancing the presentation of your billing documents.

Order Synchronization

To avoid server overload, our app does not automatically sync edited orders. You can manually update your Shopify Orders anytime by clicking the "Sync Order" button.

Automation Email: Trigger for Sending Invoices Based on Tag

We've introduced a new email automation trigger that automatically sends invoices for orders tagged with specific keywords.

Each of these features is designed to streamline your operations, enhance compliance, and elevate your brand's presentation. Dive into the specific articles for a comprehensive understanding and instructions on how to make the most of these new capabilities.

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