How Product Recommendation Quiz Increases eCommerce Sales in 2024

eCommerce Best Practices Feb 20, 2024
How Product Recommendation Quiz Increases eCommerce Sales in 2024?

Do you know how you can increase sales and leads using product-recommended quizzes? Here we have explained in a detailed article how you can increase your sales using personalized quizzes.

When people are looking for a new skin or hair care product, they often find many options to choose from. It can be tricky to pick the perfect product because everyone's skin and hair are different. So, finding the one that solves their specific problem might be a bit of a challenge.

  • Start by clearly identifying your specific hair problem. Is it hair loss, dandruff, frizz, dryness, or something else?
  • Understand your hair type and texture. Is it curly, straight, wavy, fine, or thick?
  • Consider your overall hair care routine;
  • Recommend matching products.

Just like that, you can narrow down your products and recommend the best hair care products to customers using quizzes. Similarly, you can do this for any other type of product.

Making a quiz with questions that understand common customer issues can make a big difference. It helps customers find the right products, making their shopping experience personalized. This can make customers happier and increase sales.

According to research, around 20% of startups fail during the first two years, and approximately 45% fail within the first five years. So, if you want to be updated with the new technologies, you have to understand how product recommendation is useful for your e-commerce business. Let’s dive in now with Fordeer!

Overview of Product Recommendation Quiz

What Is The Product Recommendation Quiz?

A product recommendation quiz is a feature commonly found in online platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. It allows you to create personalized quizzes for your audience to suggest products or services tailored to their preferences.

In the year 2024, these quizzes will be helpful for engaging your customers effectively.  By asking strategic questions, you can recommend products that connect with your audience, leading to a better user experience and increased conversion rates.

How Does Product Recommendation Quiz Work?

Product recommendation quizzes operate by asking users a series of questions, one at a time, to understand their problems and needs. According to those results, we can recommend products that resonate with their needs. Here's how it works.

Below are three approaches that recommended quiz works and use:

  • Questions: It's a quiz, so we ask questions related to their problems, interests, or specific needs. So they can engage with your quiz and improve their chances of making sales or generating leads.
  • Data Collection: If you are running quizzes for lead generations, then data collection is crucial for tailoring product recommendations. With this data, you can retarget them and suggest the best product or service that they need.
  • User Engagement: If you use relevant questions, you can create interactive experiences that lead to personalized suggestions, which can lead to increased engagement and interest in your products.

If you use problem-solving questions, you can create interactive experiences that lead to personalized suggestions.

With the right product and the right quiz, you can easily convert quiz takers into customers. By offering products that match their interests, you improve the chances of making a sale.

The Importance of Product Recommendation Quiz

Discover why it's a game-changer for your e-commerce business and the benefits of the Product Recommendation Quiz!

Personalised shopping experience

Recommendation quizzes allow you to provide a personalized shopping experience to your customers by asking relevant questions about their preferences, needs, and styles. So they can engage with personalised questions that are specifically tailored to their tastes and requirements.

It will increase the customer experience and engagement. It will be a game-changer for your business.

Increased conversion rates

Increased conversion rates
"A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere. ~ #JeremyAbel"

When customers take your quiz, they'll discover the perfect products based on their answers. Personalised recommendations that match their preferences greatly increase the chances of a purchase. This means you will increase conversion rates and increase sales for your eCommerce store. Plus, with the data collected, you can retarget them using email marketing, ads, and SMS marketing for more sales.

Reduced decision fatigue

Reduced decision fatigue

Personalized product recommender quizzes can help you reduce decision fatigue because online shopping can be overwhelming due to multiple options and choices. By asking personalised questions and offering tailored product suggestions, it can make shopping easier and more enjoyable. Also, it can boost conversion rates for your eCommerce businesses.

Utilized cross-selling and upselling

Utilized cross-selling and upselling

Cross-selling and upselling are proven techniques that help you to increase sales & revenue. Product recommendation quizzes are a powerful tool to implement this strategy effectively and promote relevant products or higher-priced items to your customers.


In cross-selling, you can suggest complementary products that enhance the customer's purchase. For example, if a customer is purchasing a foundation, the quiz can inquire about their skin type and preferred finish.

Based on their responses, they can recommend compatible products such as primers, setting sprays, or brushes. This not only increases the average order value but also simplifies the process of finding related beauty items, contributing to an improved shopping experience.


Upselling involves persuading customers to upgrade to a higher-priced or more advanced product. Recommendation quizzes can excel in this regard by identifying the customer's needs and preferences.

For example, if a customer shows interest in a standard lipstick, the quiz can ask about their preferred texture, colour range, and desired longevity. Based on their responses, it can suggest a luxury lipstick collection that aligns with their preferences, highlighting the superior quality and benefits of the upscale choice.

Product recommendation quizzes are not only for cross-selling and upselling; they can reduce decision fatigue. These quizzes can increase sales by introducing customers to additional products or premium options, maximising each purchase's value, and encouraging repeat customers.

Improved customer engagement

Improved customer engagement

Keeping customers engaged with your website is crucial for building strong brand loyalty and lasting relationships. Personalized quizzes help you increase customers' engagement and keep them on your website longer. It can enhance customer retention and brand value.

Engaged customers are more likely to make purchases, stick with your brand, and come back for more. They're not just casual visitors; they're interested in what you offer.

Interactive quizzes can help grab attention, personalize the experience, and keep customers on your website longer. This extended time on your site increases the chances of them buying something. Plus, it boosts customer engagement, which is a smart move for any online business.

Collected data and insights

Collected data and insights

Product-recommended quizzes allow you to collect valuable data about your customer's preferences and behaviors. With this data, you can refine your product offerings, marketing, and inventory management. This data is pure magic for your eCommerce business.

"Data is like a faint light when you're lost in a dark room. Follow it, try to make sense of it, and you might actually know where you are and what's around you." — David Sides
  • Better Product Selection: With this data, you can improve your product lineup to match their needs and desires.
  • Customer Retargeting: With this data, you can run retargeting campaigns & email automation with customer preferences; your marketing can be more targeted and effective, boosting engagement and sales.
  • Efficient Inventory: With this data, you can manage your inventory better, so you don't end up with too much or too little stock, saving you money and ensuring you meet demand.

Integrated with third-party tracking

Integrated with third-party tracking

Many eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, offer integrations for quizzes. Most of the Shopify apps offer integration with third-party tracking tools like Meta Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. With these tracking tools, you can easily understand all of the website's customer behavior and target them accordingly.

Increased competitive edge

Increased competitive edge

If you want to compete, then you have to be one step ahead of your competitors. And product recommendation quizzes can give you a competitive edge in the eCommerce market. Not all online stores offer this level of personalization, and by doing so, you differentiate yourself from competitors.

How Quizify: Quiz Builder Makes it Easy

How Quizify: Quiz Builder Makes it Easy

Are you excited to learn about increasing online sales and leads? In this blog, we discussed the importance of quizzes. Here, we introduce the Quizify Shopify app, the top-notch quiz builder app for personalized product recommendation quizzes.

According to BuiltWith reports, in 2023, there will be almost 4.8 million Shopify stores across the globe. And it's increasing year by year. That's why we are here to introduce the Shopify app.

If you're running a Shopify e-commerce website, Quizify is your solution to creating these quizzes and supercharging your online sales. It comes packed with all the features we've discussed, and you can try it with a 14-day free trial.


In summary, product recommendation quizzes are a powerful tool for boosting e-commerce sales in 2024. It can provide personalized product suggestions, reduce decision fatigue, increase conversion rates, and enable cross-selling and upselling. It also enhances customer engagement, collects valuable data, integrates with Facebook, Google Analytics, etc., and gives businesses a competitive edge.

We hope you find our information helpful. Follow the Fordeer Team for more valuable updates!

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