Klaviyo: Everything you need to know

Shopify Apps Mar 22, 2023
Klaviyo: Everything you need to know

Klaviyo is a platform that is dedicated to eCommerce marketing success. It is estimated that email subscribers are three times more likely to share content on social media than leads who come from another channel, making email marketing for eCommerce stores all the more important in 2021. B2C emails also have a higher unique open rate compared to B2B emails, so it is time to leverage the potential power of email marketing for your online store. Klaviyo should be seen as an essential tool in your marketing arsenal, providing all the features you need to launch and manage successful marketing campaigns. Especially, you are looking for a tool that complements your Shopify store, or looking for the best marketing automation system.

Let’s learn more about Klaviyo with this Fordeer’s article and here is everything you should know about it.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing platform that supports eCommerce store owners in giving their customers a better personalized experience. Outcomes speak for themselves; in the past year alone, Klaviyo has assisted brands all over the world in generating more than $3.7 billion in revenue. An average of 67 organizations switch to Klaviyo every day because building deeper, higher-value client relationships has never been simpler.

Klaviyo email marketing is frequently used in conjunction with tools like Shopify to assist business owners in creating comprehensive marketing networks. We'll get into that in more detail later.

What is Klaviyo? Everything you need to know

You can also run massive SMS campaigns with Klaviyo and use powerful automation to customize each message. Content management is easy and automatic. You can create multi-channel consumer experiences with Klaviyo and manage them all from a single platform.

Klaviyo email marketing ideas

One of the best eCommerce email marketing solutions for expanding your online store and cultivating client loyalty is Klaviyo. It features dynamic blocks for order data, cart content, product recommendations, and more, as well as personalized emails that go beyond "Hi [first name]". Improve reach and engagement by including emails into comprehensive marketing efforts. With Klaviyo, schedule everything and set it up.

Recommended email marketing campaigns

An excellent method to develop and maintain your relationships with customers is by implementing automated email marketing campaigns. With the help of Klaviyo, you can communicate with your customers, build highly targeted campaigns, and do data analysis all from the same platform.

  • The abandoned cart campaign

One of the most beneficial email flows you can create for your eCommerce business is an abandoned cart flow. Potential consumers who added products to their shopping carts but abandoned the checkout process will receive a message from you, or a series of messages.

Due to the fact that Klaviyo keeps track of both consumers who add things to their basket and those who abandon the checkout process, the flow may be initiated automatically.

Klaviyo with top email marketing ideas

Your Klaviyo abandoned cart emails should contain content that is customized for that particular customer. This can contain details about the products they've added to the cart in addition to any personal data you may have about them, such as their name, industry, age, interests, and more. Depending on the information you're utilizing to decide which content will be displayed to which contacts, you can also build dynamic blocks that draw in pertinent content.

  • The welcome series campaign

Giving the new customers a personalized and warm greeting is one of the best ways to get to build a good relationship. In fact, according to estimates, 84% of welcome emails sent to B2C recipients are opened on average at a rate of 23%. With Klaviyo, you can make highly personalized welcome sequences that are likely to captivate contacts by utilizing their powerful workflow tools.

You’ll be rocking if you take your welcome email series to the next level, include dynamic content, and even combine it with an SMS campaign. In Klaviyo, everything may be done from one place.

  • The post-purchase upsell campaign

An automated win-back campaign in Klaviyo, or a post-purchase upsell, is another successful eCommerce approach. A sequence of emails sent to customers who have previously connected with your brand or made purchases but haven’t visited your business again are referred to as this. With the help of Klaviyo’s predictive analytics feature, you can rapidly obtain the data you need to segment and target these customers.

Reasons you should use Klaviyo for your email marketing

There are numerous reasons you should use Klaviyo to grow your business. Here are the top ones.

Klaviyo has the most features for eCommerce stores

The fact that Klaviyo is data-centric is just one of its many benefits. It produces robust data on your email marketing and then provides useful information (and features) that aid in the development of more effective campaigns. It includes a wide range of targeting and segmentation capabilities, allows strong automation, and both. These folks are knowledgeable about data and adept at using it.

Klaviyo vs Shopify - A perfect pair

Klaviyo can easily interact with a wide range of tools and platforms, including Shopify, as was already indicated. If you already have a Shopify store, you can link it to Klaviyo in only a few minutes.

Klaviyo: Everything you need to know

You can easily capture and save your Shopify customer data with Klaviyo within the platform itself. After that, you can use this data to increase sales, provide customers with memorable experiences, and forge better bonds with them.

Klaviyo is a true marketing automation software that offers much more customization, segmentation, and personalisation than Shopify emails, which may be good for one-offs.

Other features that Shopify users can anticipate include the following:

  • Full customer lifecycle engagement;
  • Cutting-edge data science and automatically generated predictions;
  • More than 70 one-click integrations available;
  • Full sync of historical data;
  • Pre-built flow templates

Klaviyo has every integration known to man

Aside from Shopify, Klaviyo practically interfaces with every eCommerce platform and app you could possibly require. It features more than 200 pre-built connectors with tools for customer service, loyalty programs, user-generated content, subscription tools, payments, and practically any other app in your IT stack.

Klaviyo - predictive analytics

With the use of data science and machine learning, the predictive analytics feature in Klaviyo can provide you with a wealth of information about your data. With the help of AI, Klaviyo can predict a customer's future lifetime value, anticipated next order date, churn risk, and even gender in addition to their previous and overall lifetime value.

Super easy to create customizable reports

Your data can be filtered or grouped according to several parameters. Data can be retrieved from sign-up forms, emails, SMS, your eCommerce platform, and custom integrations by Klaviyo. Based on the customer profile, it's simple to establish segments that you may utilize to retarget potential leads, devoted clients, and everyone in between.

Also, Klaviyo offers a benchmarking system that compares your data to industry averages if you wish to compare your results to those of your rivals. It also reveals which of your KPIs are doing poorly in comparison to industry standards.

Klaviyo is a better tool for growth

Simply by virtue of the sheer amount of data and insights it provides, Klaviyo aids firms in identifying growth prospects. Working with a number of companies, I've observed that brands using Klaviyo experience increased delivery rates, open rates, click rates, and attributable income. Compared to other email automation providers, Klaviyo has a robust email-sending infrastructure.

Wrap up

Klaviyo is an email marketing tool for Ecommerce stores on platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce and Magento. It gives marketers the tools to send more targeted emails to the right people at the right time and to understand the impact on purchases and other behaviors. Klaviyo believes email marketing can be better for both consumers and brands, as data should flow freely between different parts of the business and communications with customers should leverage individual insights to tailor each message as if it was made just for that person.

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