Product Badges and How They Help Increase Conversion and Branding

eCommerce Best Practices Dec 22, 2023
Product Badges and How They Help Increase Conversion and Branding

In this competitive market of e-commerce, standing out from the crowd is the key factor in helping a business thrive. One of the most effective ways for businesses to gain momentum in recent years is to use product badges for promoting sales, increasing conversion rates, and branding.

You shouldn't neglect the significant impact of those small visual cues in driving up conversion and enhancing brand visibility and credibility. Fordeer will give you a complete guide to dive into the power of product badges and reinforce your brand identity.

Understanding Product Badges

Product badges are graphical elements or icons strategically placed on product images or descriptions. They serve the purpose of grabbing customers’ attention and quickly delivering the product's message or' unique selling point.

Understanding Product Badges

Every business is giving it its all to be outstanding and differentiate its products from others in highly competitive industries. Badges also act as a guide to lead customers to do certain actions.

Now, let’s dive into the world of product badges!

Classifying Product Badges

Product badges come in various types, and each type serves entirely different purposes to navigate customers’ behaviors and perceptions. Based on the purpose of usage, we’ll categorize it into 10 types:

Promotional Badges

Shoppers are all drawn to discounts and sales, aren’t they? Promotional badges play a vital role in luring customers into taking immediate purchasing actions.

Sale Badges

Sale badges usually present a percentage of the sale offered on a product. There are usually visual sale tags indicating that the products are on sale.

Sale Badges are one of the most powerful tools for businesses to drive immediate sales and often lead to higher conversion rates. The fact is that customers actively or inactively seeking sales are easy to fall into the trap of discounted prices.

Limited Time Offer Badges

Limited Time Offer Badges are badges on a countdown clock that indicate the time left for a particular offer to expire. The urgency created by Limited Time Offer Badges evokes a call to action, which leads to more immediate responses and, finally, leads to a higher conversion rate.

Clearance Badges

Clearance badges are signals that the product is being cleared out to make space for new inventory. These badges are usually referred to as “last chance” tags that show a final opportunity to purchase the item at a reduced price.

Shoppers want to make their desired purchase as soon as possible to not miss out on good deals. Promotional badges create a sense of urgency and entice customers to make purchase decisions quickly.

Quality and Performance Badges

Trust and authenticity assure customers of its quality, functionality, and reliability. Quality and performance badges help businesses showcase what products are “Best Seller”, “Top Rated” or “Customers’ Choice”, and make it easier for customers to making buying decisions.

Those products with quality and performance badges can stand out in the eyes of shoppers and become more popular. Customers will feel more confident in their choices, and they will be less likely to face unpleasant surprises or disappointments.

Quality and performance badges make it easier for customers when make buying decisions. 

Product Attributes Badges

Products Attributes Badges are badges such as “New Arrival”, “Eco Friendly”, and “Free Shipping”. They provide specific characteristics, features, or benefits of a product. Those badges are a quick way to communicate with target customers about the USP of products or valuable information that customers care about.

New Arrival Badges

This kind of badge indicates products that have recently been added to the inventory or are newly launched. The main focus of these badges is to attract and encourage customers to explore the lasted editions of products.

Free Shipping

These badges aim at customers' pain points in avoiding extra shipping costs. By signaling products eligible for free shipping, the brand will encourage customers to make purchases without being worried.

Limited Edition

Customers nowadays are seeking more personalized and unique products that can suit their characteristics. The “Limited Edition” products arouse the feeling of exclusivity and rarity and make shoppers eager to buy them.

Trust and Security Badges

Products with trust and security badges can assure people because they emphasize that the products meet specific quality or industry standards.

Secure Checkout

Ensure that your customers that their personal and financial information is safe and secure. Businesses that prioritize and communicate their commitment to a secure transaction process stand to gain the trust and loyalty of increasingly security-conscious consumers.

Money-Back Guarantee

These badges show that your business is trustworthy, as you provide reassurance with a guarantee of refund. Word-of-mouth recommendations and positive feedback from old customers who experienced safe and secure checkout can lead to more loyal customers in the future, which in the long term can do good for your brand’s reputation.

Urgency and Scarcity Badges

Urgency and scarcity badges can offer significant benefits for businesses due to their psychological and marketing impact. Products with limited amounts or flash time purchases can trigger FOMO and prompt actions.

Urgency and Scarcity Badges Examples
  • Limited Stock: offer limited quality available
  • Flash Sale: show short-duration sales to create urgency.

Membership or Loyalty Badges

These badges are shown for loyal customers only, and they can make them feel special and rewarded.


Products with exclusive badges show that they are only sold to a specific group or membership. Exclusive badges create a sense of value and prestige around the product or service.

VIP Access

VIP access often comes with personalized or tailored experiences, and brands want to offer this group of customers a sense of belonging and showcase their status. Being associated with exclusivity elevates the brand's image, positioning it as premium and desirable.

How Product Badges can help increase conversion and branding

Seize attention and generate interest

Good product badges can act like eye magnets, which can attract attention and direct attention to key aspects of a product. These badges not only serve as a visual attraction but can also trigger curiosity and encourage further exploration.

Badges with vibrant colors, unique shapes, or noticeable fonts that stand out against the product image or description catch the viewer’s eye. Good visuals and design can naturally attract attention.

The placement of badges strategically on a product image or description allows customers to instantly notice information and guides them toward key aspects or benefits without requiring extensive reading or exploration.

Encourage swift action

By incorporating these urgency-driven strategies into product badges, businesses effectively harness the power of urgency and FOMO, compelling customers to take swift action, thereby increasing conversions and driving sales. Urgency badges based on customer behavior or segments amplify the effect by offering personalized, time-sensitive deals.

Amazon did a really good job when they took advantage of FOMO and emergencies to promote sales. Typically, shopping events like Back to School or Off to College create reasons for consumers that these occasions only happen a few times a year and they should take advantage of them. However, these cases do not bring economic benefits to shoppers but only huge profits to companies.

Build trust and credibility

Some specific types of product badges, such as Quality Performance badges, Product Attribution badges can prompt immediate action from customers as these products show well-reviewed social proof and testimonials.

For example, according to Abmatic AI, Apple is another example of a company that uses trust badges effectively. Apple displays badges from organizations such as Norton and McAfee to indicate that their site is secure and that customer information is protected. Apple also displays payment badges from organizations such as Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal to indicate the types of payments they accept and to build credibility with customers.

Support branding activities and strengthen branding efforts

Product badges can serve a crucial role in supporting branding activities and strengthening the brand's overall effort. By showing consistent brand elements, such as the brand’s logo and the color of specific design elements, businesses can reinforce brand identity, aiding in constant recognition.

Those customized elements can do brand storytelling. Product Badges that complement a brand's storytelling efforts by visually representing aspects of its narrative or heritage reinforce brand storytelling. Branding is an investment worth pouring money into, as it will pay off in the time to come.

Fordeer Product Badges and Labels

So, to recap, badges can help promote products, increase conversion rates, and strengthen your brand image. Fordeer would like to offer you a helpful tool Product Badges & Label. You can effortlessly enhance your customers' shopping experience by using attractive labels and badges, making it easier for them to make purchasing decisions and buy more.

In conclusion,

Product badges serve as powerful tools in the realm of branding, marketing, and customer engagement. They act as visual cues, capturing attention, directing focus, and conveying essential information swiftly.

Through urgency-driven strategies, these badges harness psychological triggers like FOMO, prompting swift action and driving sales. Moreover, when thoughtfully branded, badges reinforce brand identity, values, and differentiation strategies, contributing to increased recognition, loyalty, and trust among customers.

Ultimately, product badges are not just markers; they're integral elements that enhance customer experiences, solidify brand presence, and play a pivotal role in shaping consumers' perceptions in today's competitive market landscape.

Fordeer hopes that you can have a deeper grasp on this topic. See you soon for the next updates!

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