Seven Best Sales Popup Ideas for International Women's Day 2024

eCommerce Marketing Tips Feb 20, 2024
Seven Best Sales Popup Ideas for International Women's Day 2024

International Women's Day is a special occasion to give your beloved customers your heartfelt congratulations and appreciation. So how do you connect customers with your business effectively? Let Fordeer suggest to you 7 unique and easy-to-apply sale popup ideas for your online store on Shopify.

Sales Popup in E-commerce

If you are an online business owner on Shopify or any other e-commerce platform, you are no stranger to the term "sales popup," right? Sales popups are some of the most effective ways to attract customers and increase sales. Still, there are a few people who argue that sales popups are not essential in e-commerce, but most people cannot deny the benefits they bring, especially during holidays. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Let's explore its essence together with Fordeer!

What is a sales pop-up?

A sales popup, also known as a promotional popup or offer popup, is a type of website window that appears on top of the regular content, grabbing your attention and highlighting a special offer or promotion.

Did you know that a study has shown that 98% of consumers who visit your Shopify store each day leave without taking any action? This is one of the reasons why sales popups were created. They help to grab the attention of customers and prompt them to do something with your store. Sales popups often appeal to the FOMO of customers—the fear of missing out on something. If you have mastered the art of using sales popups, the percentage of customers who visit your online store can increase, and your conversion rate can reach 40% or more.

3 Types of Sale Popups

Types of popups on Shopify

Sales popups come in various styles and designs, such as:

Modal popups: These block the entire website background and require action (e.g., closing the popup, signing up) before continuing browsing.

Slide-in popups: These subtly enter from the side of the screen, attracting attention without completely interrupting the user experience.

Countdown popups: These create a sense of urgency by displaying a timer that counts down to the end of the offer.

All three types of sales popups have the following common functions: directing consumers in making purchase decisions, creating special campaigns targeting specific customer segments, increasing conversion rates, and building customer trust.

When should you use it?

If your business wants to introduce new arrivals or limited-edition items with a popup showcasing their features and benefits, you can make a sales popup to promote those new products or services. Or, in case you wanna create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) with popups showing countdown timers or limited quantities of products, you can use sales popups too.

Sometimes, merchants on Shopify recover abandoned carts and remind visitors who leave items in their carts with a popup offering a discount or reminder of the benefits of purchasing. Moreover, target popups to specific visitor segments can personalize the experience: based on their browsing behavior or demographics for higher relevance. Lastly, to celebrate special occasions, people utilize popups for holidays, special events, or anniversaries to offer relevant deals and connect with customers.

Sales Popup Ideas For International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 

International Women's Day has been celebrated on 8 March since 1977.  This day unites the world in celebrating the accomplishments of women across nations, ethnicities, languages, cultures, economies, and political systems.

International Women's Day has evolved from its beginnings to become a global phenomenon, empowering and acknowledging the achievements of women in both developed and developing countries. More than just a national celebration, International Women's Day has embraced a global stage, highlighting the contributions and triumphs of women from all walks of life, regardless of their origin or circumstance.

Opportunities on  International Women’s Day

Here are some opportunities for brands to connect with their female audience through targeted sales popups on International Women’s Day:

International Women's Day empowers brands to connect with their female audience through targeted sales popups. Female achievements get celebrated with discounts on empowering products, self-care essentials, or tributes to female pioneers. Support worthy causes by offering donations at checkout or partnering with women-focused organizations, highlighting the impact customers can make.

The community would be fostered with "Buy One, Give One" or referral programs, using popups to promote these initiatives and shared values. It can personalize the experience by leveraging customer data for tailored discounts and recommendations, ensuring your popups target individual preferences and interests for maximum engagement. By celebrating, supporting, and connecting with their female audience, brands can leverage International Women's Day to build genuine relationships and lasting loyalty to brand awareness.

Seven Best Sales Popup Ideas For International Women’s Day

One of the most serious issues is the gender wage gap. In 2021, the typical weekly wages for males in the United States were $1,082, while women earned just $891.

This is only one of the numerous inequities that women endure across the world. By increasing awareness of these concerns, corporations may have a significant influence on society and demonstrate solidarity with their female customers. Here are some ideas for you to make a first step in that direction.

Empowerment-Themed Offer: For once, you may feature products and services that promote female empowerment, self-care, or confidence as discounts or exclusive packages on items like workout gear, beauty products, or online learning platforms

Celebrate Female Creators: Showcase products or collaborations with female entrepreneurs, artists, or designers can highlight their inspiring stories and offer special discounts on their creations.

Community & Give Back: Partnership with a charity or female-focused organization, donating a portion of sales, or offering customers the option to add a donation to their purchase are the best. And you must remember to consider featuring popups showcasing the impact of the chosen cause. Storytelling Popups may be a great choice to share the creators' inspiring journeys through engaging narratives embedded in the popups, humanizing the brands and building emotional connections.

Self-Love & Indulgence: Spa packages, beauty treatments, or luxurious home goods are good choices to encourage self-care and pampering. Offering limited-time discounts or bundles on relevant products may be a good move. May be using partnerships to offer exclusive spa discounts or experiences with partner salons or wellness centers, extending the value proposition beyond your own products.

Sales popup in e-commerce

Sisterhood & Connection: Discounts or referral programs are usually offered for purchases made by groups of women. Then encourage visitors to share on social media using dedicated hashtags to create a sense of community.

Not only offering generous discounts or bonuses for both the referring and referred customer, encouraging social sharing and spreading the love but also creating a dedicated hashtag for the popup campaign and encouraging customers to share their purchases and self-love stories, building a community online is also a great idea.

Personalized Recommendations: Utilize your customer data to suggest products relevant to individual preferences and interests. Personalized popups based on purchase history or browsing behavior may create a connection with your customers. "Treat Yourself" Suggestions - Recommend complementary products based on what's already in the cart, prompting impulse purchases and higher order value.

Interactive & Engaging Popups: You can take advantage of gamified popups, quizzes, or polls to capture attention and collect valuable customer data. Then gather valuable customer insights about their preferences and shopping habits through interactive popups, informing future product development and marketing strategies.

Quizzes about women's history or achievements, with rewards like discounts or personalized recommendations based on their answers, should be designed. Offer rewards or discounts for participation, increasing engagement and brand loyalty.

By expanding on these ideas and adding specific examples, you can create a comprehensive guide for using sales popups to effectively celebrate International Women's Day, drive sales, and foster meaningful connections with your customers.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you are a merchant for a cosmetics brand. When a consumer visits your online store, a shimmering, jewel-toned popup appears on her phone screen as a woman applies lipstick, gazing confidently into the camera. Beneath her bold gaze, the text reads: "Celebrate YOU this International Women's Day. Indulge in self-love with 20% off luxurious treats for your skin, lips, and soul." It ties directly to the self-love and pampering message of International Women's Day and offers clear value: A discount provides an incentive to indulge without guilt.

Celebrating International Women's Day with sales popup

Some Bonus Tips

Don't forget to optimize your popups for a seamless experience! Prioritize mobile-friendly designs that shine on any device. Craft visually compelling popups with clear calls to action that guide your audience effortlessly. Spark FOMO (fear of missing out) with limited-time deals and create a sense of urgency. Amplify your message by promoting your popups across social media and email marketing, reaching every corner of your audience.

Finally, keep your finger on the pulse by tracking pop-up performance and using data to continuously refine your future campaigns. By prioritizing these bonus tips, you can ensure your International Women's Day popups hit all the right notes and resonate with your female audience.

Remember to embrace your quirks, your unique voice, and your passionate beliefs. Infuse your marketing with stories that spark the imagination, tug at heartstrings, and ignite laughter. Don't shy away from your values—a champion causes you to believe in, celebrate diverse perspectives, and build genuine connections with your audience.

In conclusion,

Now that you know what sale promotion popups are, how useful they can be, and the 7 best ideas for a special day! Authenticity is key.

  • Infuse the popup with your brand voice and values;
  • Ensure the featured products are genuinely indulgent and high-quality.

Sales popups are widely used on Shopify, so what are you waiting for? Equip yourself with the tools to optimize your store and stand out from your competitors to achieve the highest revenue.

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