The Power of Exit-Intent Technology and Exit-Intent Popups

eCommerce Best Practices Jan 9, 2024
The Power of Exit-Intent Technology and Exit-Intent Popups

Businesses of all sizes need to use various tools and techniques to engage with their website visitors and convert them into customers. However, thanks to innovative technologies, marketers now have a powerful tool to help them with that: exit-intent technology.

In the dynamic landscape of online business, retaining website visitors and converting them into customers is challenging. Understanding your issue, Fordeer would like to give you a comprehensive guide to exit-intent technology and explore more about how exit-intent popups can be a game-changer for your website’s user engagement and conversion rates.

Overall definition of exit-intent technology

Understanding exit-intent technology

Exit-intent technology is used to track the mouse movements of website visitors and detect when a visitor is about to leave the site without leaving his or her information or buying anything.

Understanding exit-intent technology

Exit-intent technology is used to capture more leads and reduce cart abandonment by showing a popup or a widget once the visitor’s cursor leaves the site’s frame. The primary objective of exit-intent technology is to engage users who are on the verge of abandoning a site by triggering relevant and targeted interactions just before they exit.

Understanding Popup

We are sure that you all know or have at least heard about the word popup before. However, we would like to give you detailed information before we dive deeper into the topic today!

A popup refers to a compact window that emerges on your computer or mobile device screen while accessing a website or utilizing a particular application. These windows are crafted to attract your attention and showcase content such as ads, notifications, or prompts for specific actions.

How exit-intent popups work and when it should be used

The technology operates by triggering exit-intent popups at the right moment when a user is about to close the site. This proactive approach enables businesses to capture the attention of potential customers just before they click away. There are many advantages to implementing exit-intent technology.

Exit-intent popups can be effectively used in various scenarios to enhance user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions. Ever thought about giving your website visitors a sweet surprise? Well, if you target the right pages and the right audience, using an exit-intent overlay can be a fantastic way to share a special offer from your brand with your awesome visitors.

How exit-intent popups work and when it should be used

These exit popups really shine on landing pages, commercial websites, and online eCommerce stores. Let me tell you this: imagine a visitor checking out your online store and tossing a few items into their cart. They're almost ready to hit that checkout button when, whoops, they decide to hold off for a better deal or maybe get a call from their daughter about an email. Life happens, right?

That's where the magic of an exit intent popup comes in! With a friendly little message or a tempting offer, you can rescue those abandoned carts and boost your revenue by a cool 20%-30%. It's like giving your visitors a second chance to snag those goodies they had their eye on.

Benefits of implementing exit-intent popups

The technology operates by triggering exit-intent popups at the right moment when a user is about to close the site. This proactive approach enables businesses to capture the attention of potential customers just before they click away. There are many advantages to implementing exit-intent technology.

Reduced bounce rates

Exit-intent popups can help retain visitors who are about to leave your website and potentially decrease bounce rates. When the system detects that a user is about to leave the site, it is often indicated by cursor movement toward the browser's close button or navigation bar. If the pop-ups appear at this critical moment, it provides one last opportunity to capture their attention.

Increased conversions

Exit-intent popups often present users with incentives such as discounts, promotions, or exclusive content. These offers can create a sense of urgency or appeal, prompting the user to reconsider their decision to leave and explore the site further. As a result, it can help increase conversion rates.

A great call-to-action

When you're creating any kind of marketing message, it's like the cherry on top—you've got to have a call to action (CTA). Seriously, it's the secret sauce to make sure your visitors don't feel like they're on a wild goose chase. Even though popups are pretty familiar and people kind of expect them to ask for a sign-up, throwing in a friendly CTA is like giving them a little nudge in the right direction.

Picture this: "Join now for a free ebook!" or "Pop in your info to discover how to supercharge your sales!" These are the kinds of invitations that can really get people excited to take that next step.

Benefits of implementing exit-intent popups

Now, when it comes to placing your CTA, think of it like finding the perfect spot for your favorite plant and making the CTA stand out. Others prefer to cozy it up right on top or above the button. You've got room to play around and see what vibes best with your audience. It's all about making it pop in a way that feels just right.

Recovered abandoned shopping carts

The content of the exit-intent popup is designed to specifically address the abandoned shopping cart. It may include a summary of the items in the cart, along with enticing offers or incentives to encourage the user to complete the purchase.

This can also include some CTA such as “Complete your purchase” or “Continue shopping”. This popup typically encourages them to explore additional products or make a payment for products in their carts.

Customers all come down with FOMO. Thus, exit-intent popups often present users with special offers, discounts, or promotions. These incentives create a sense of urgency or provide added value, giving users a reason to reconsider leaving without making a purchase.

Brand awareness and promotions

Benefits of implementing exit-intent popups

Moreover, exit-intent popups can help with delivering brand values, missions, or storytelling elements. This not only helps in creating a positive and memorable brand image but also educates users about the brand.

By strategically using exit-intent technology to deliver targeted and engaging messages, businesses can effectively increase brand awareness and promote their products or services, ultimately fostering a positive and lasting impression among their audience.

Best practices for implementing exit-intent Popups

Businesses have to take this into consideration carefully when implementing exit-intent popups to make sure that they enhance the user experience and effectively achieve their goals. Here are some best practices you should apply to your business:

Appropriate timing

Timing is crucial in setting the exit-intent trigger. You have to know exactly when there is a clear sign that customers are about to leave, such as cursor movement towards the browser’s close button, to avoid triggering too soon, as this might annoy users who have just arrived, or too late, as your business cannot achieve its goals.

Appealing images that attract and convert

We all love a good picture, don’t we? That's why successful marketing materials always include eye-catching visuals. Whether it's ads, articles, blogs, brochures, or infographics, we're surrounded by them. And guess what? Your popups can be just as awesome!

Imagine this: you're offering free shipping on a clothes order. Picture this: a happy woman holding bags of fabulous clothes. Or maybe you're giving a free consultation for financial planning. Picture this instead: a person sitting at a table, a bit stressed, surrounded by bills, but smiling with relief as they chat with a professional on the phone.

Don't forget about positive vibes! How about an image of a woman sitting at a table, bills in front of her, but smiling because she's talking to a pro on the phone?

Adding visuals that match your message helps your visitors connect the dots. They can actually picture themselves with the solution you're offering. And you know what? That's the secret sauce for turning curious visitors into happy customers!

Appropriate text size and color

Choosing the right font, size, and color is like picking the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Gotta make sure it's just right. And the secret sauce? Making your popups super easy to read. Because, let's be honest, if they're not, they're useless.

And here's a pro tip: stick to a simple contrast, like black text on a white background. Steer clear of weird color combos that make your eyes do acrobatics—no white text on a black background or gray text on a red background, please!

So there you have it—the lowdown on making your exit intent popups the belle of the ball. Easy to read, easy on the eyes, and just downright delightful!

Clear CTA

In addition, CTA shouldn’t be missed out on when creating a popup. As mentioned above, you should use a concise and compelling call-to-action in the popup. Clearly communicate what action you want the user to take, whether it's making a purchase, subscribing, or accessing exclusive content.

A/B testing

Implement A/B testing to experiment with different pop-up designs, messages, and offers. With A/B testing, you can analyze the performance of each variation to identify the most effective strategies for your audience in terms of converting visitors into leads, customers, or achieving other desired outcomes. This optimization is essential for improving conversion rates.

Exit-intent pop-up mistakes to avoid

Besides, there are also lots of exit-intent pop-up mistakes you should avoid.

Asking for too much information

When users are visiting your sites and they are about to leave, you shouldn’t show a popup with lots of information. They are likely to close this popup window and leave your sites as soon as possible.

Remember that the main purpose of an exit-intent popup is to increase attraction among target customers and conversion rates. So, the easier this process is, the more likely you will drive more sales.

Using a non-existent X

Exit-intent popup mistakes to avoid

Of course, we all know that you want your business to drive more sales, and your exit-intent popups can yield results immediately. However, we suggest that you make things awesome using good vibes and positive strategies without going over to the shady side.

Trust is key. Don't play hard to get with your users. Make that "x" super easy to spot and click on. We want them to exit with a smile, not a furrowed brow.

And guess what? Google and your users are on the same page here. They both have a fantastic user experience. Don't risk your trust and ranking by trying to strong-arm visitors into converting. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole—just not going to work.

Showing irrelevant offers

When someone checks out a specific page or blog post on your site, wouldn't it be awesome to show them an offer that's spot-on for what they're into? It's like saying, "Hey, we get you!"

Now, here's the scoop: keep tabs on what your visitors are up to. Track their moves so you can hit them with the perfect message at just the right moment. It's like having a chat with a friend who knows exactly what you need.

In the world of marketing wisdom, nailing the perfect message at the perfect time is like hitting the jackpot for conversions. It's the magic sauce!

If you’d like to get started with this strategy and keep those good vibes flowing, the Shopify Apps store offers you numerous pop-up apps that can help you with this. With our Fordeer Sales Pop Up - Popups, we help you inspire visitors to FOMO to boost your conversion rates and generate more sales growth trust by showing purchases are being made in real-time and at the visitor counter.

Final thoughts,

In conclusion, exit-intent technology, when implemented strategically through exit-intent popups, can revolutionize your website's user engagement and conversion rates. Stay ahead of the competition by embracing the proactive and user-centric approach offered by exit-intent technology with the Fordeer Team!

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