Tips to boost sales for International Women's Day 2024

eCommerce Best Practices Feb 20, 2024
Tips to boost sales for International Women's Day 2024

International Women's Day (IWD) ain't just about flowers and fancy brunches – it's a goldmine waiting to be tapped. Forget the sappy poems, let's talk strategy. Buckle up as Fordeer unlocks 7 killer tips to skyrocket your sales and celebrate strong women while you're at it.

The potential tips for Shopify store to boost sales on IWD

On International Women's Day, your Shopify store risks being lost in a sea of pink slogans and fleeting discounts. Fear not, brave merchant, for amidst the marketing cacophony, lies a golden opportunity to not just boost sales, but become a champion of female empowerment! This is a day to celebrate strength, resilience, and diversity, not exploit trends. So, how do you rise above the digital din and make your Shopify store a beacon of authentic engagement?

The challenges of standing out as a Shopify store during a crowded marketing event like IWD

It’s time to craft a campaign that resonates with women's stories. Spotlight products by female creators, artisans, or brands built on empowering missions. Offer limited-edition collections celebrating women's achievements or passions. Let your curated shelves tell tales of female brilliance, from STEM pioneers to artistic trailblazers.

But it's not just about products – weave narratives through engaging content. You should share blog posts that celebrate inspiring women, host live discussions on relevant topics, and encourage user-generated content showcasing what "strong and empowered" means to your customers.

The transmuting from a digital storefront to a vibrant hub of female empowerment

Don't forget the power of partnerships!

  • Collaborate with female influencers or charities, amplifying your message and fostering a sense of community. Remember, it's not just about selling - it's about connecting.
  • Engage your audience with interactive elements, personalize your outreach, and make every woman feel seen and valued.
  • Adapt your message to diverse audiences, localize your content, and ensure international orders arrive smoothly.

By crafting a campaign that celebrates diverse narratives, engages authentically, and offers more than just a discount, your Shopify store will transmute from a digital storefront to a vibrant hub of female empowerment. This International Women's Day, go beyond the sales charts and aim for hearts and minds.

Solution with the concept of using specific tactics to boost sales

Your Shopify store can be a champion, not just a contender, with bold strokes of authenticity and engagement. So, ditch the #girlboss platitudes and embrace women's stories! Shine a spotlight on products by female creators, curate collections celebrating diverse achievements, and let your shelves tell tales of female brilliance.

This is about more than sales – it's about celebrating women's narratives through captivating content. Share stories of inspiring women, host live discussions on empowering topics, and encourage customers to share their own journeys.

Encouraging customers to share their own journeys

Don't forget the power of collaboration! Partner with female influencers or charities to amplify your message and build a vibrant community. Remember, engagement is key! Interactive elements, personalized outreach, and making every woman feel seen and valued – that's the secret sauce. Oh, and cultural sensitivity matters! Adapt your message to diverse audiences, localize your content, and ensure smooth international deliveries.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

Product Focus

There are no more generic discounts and hollow slogans; it's time to turn your products into champions of female empowerment.

  • Spotlight collections crafted by women, showcasing their artistry and skill.
  • Elevate your shelves with limited-edition bundles celebrating iconic women or powerful movements.

Let your merchandise become conversation starters, whispering stories of female trailblazers who inspire your audience. Don't be afraid to get personal! Highlight products loved by successful women your customers admire, from CEOs to athletes to everyday heroes.

These connections aren't just endorsements, they're testaments to the power of women supporting women. Remember, it's not just about what you sell, it's about the stories you tell. Every scarf woven by a female artisan, every tech gadget championed by a STEM pioneer, becomes a badge of empowerment on your virtual shelves. So, ditch the generic and celebrate the specific. Let your products not just adorn your customers, but amplify their voices and their stories.

Promotional Campaigns

A solitary discount banner is like a lost whisper in the wind. Turn up the volume, brave merchant, with promotional campaigns that resonate like celebratory fireworks! Flash sales and IWD-themed discounts are attention-grabbing sirens, but make them sing a song of value, not desperation. Bundle deals and gifts with purchases add melody to your message, offering irresistible harmony without sacrificing profit.

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Some International Women's Day badges

But I bet you don't want to sing solo – partner with other brands or female influencers, amplifying your message and creating a chorus of empowerment. All the collaborative collections, joint giveaways, or co-hosted live events – each collaboration adds a new instrument to your marketing orchestra. It's not just about deals – it's about experiences.

Some of them are hosting inspirational webinars, and Q&A sessions with female thought leaders, or creating interactive contests that celebrate women's achievements. This is a day to connect, engage, and build community, not just fill shopping carts.

Content Marketing

When generic tweets and stock photos camouflage your Shopify store, it's time to cut a path with storytelling that roars. You can also ditch trending hashtags like the #girlboss platitudes and plant your flag with blog posts celebrating diverse achievements!

From pioneers defying glass ceilings to everyday heroes conquering personal challenges, weave tales of female brilliance that resonate with your audience. Social media content should be shared that amplifies inspiring voices, not just curated aesthetics. Stories of female entrepreneurs, artists, and everyday changemakers will be your megaphones, echoing across the digital landscape.

Don't just write, engage! Host live webinars or discussions on empowering topics – think financial literacy for women, navigating career challenges, or building resilient communities.

These interactive forums aren't just marketing tools, they're acts of connection, building bridges between your brand and your customers. Remember, it's not about broadcasting, it's about listening and amplifying. Give your audience a platform to share their own stories, their own struggles, and their own triumphs.

Some Useful Bonus Tips for International Women's Day 2024

Customer Engagement Techniques

A vibrant community celebrating the power of women

Shopify aisles – this International Women's Day, turn your customers into active participants in your digital story! Let interactive elements be your secret weapon, igniting engagement like digital sparklers.

You can try to run contests celebrating women's achievements, host giveaways tied to inspiring causes, or spark conversations with thought-provoking IWD-themed polls. But engagement isn't just a one-way street – unleash the power of user-generated content!

  • Encourage customers to share their own stories of strength, resilience, or simply their favorite #IWD moments on social media;
  • Imagine customer testimonials woven into your product pages, a chorus of real voices amplifying your brand's message.

Don't be a digital wallflower – host live Q&A sessions or product demonstrations with female experts. Invite thought leaders, local female artists, or even community heroes to share their knowledge and passions live. These interactive events aren't just sales tactics, they're opportunities to build community and celebrate the diverse voices that empower women.

Finally, remember the beauty of a bespoke experience.

  • Personalize your offerings with tailored recommendations or exclusive discounts based on customer preferences;
  • Let your Shopify store become a welcoming space where every woman feels seen, valued, and offered products that speak to her unique journey;
  • So, ditch the static storefront and embrace the power of interaction;
  • Run contests, encourage storytelling, host live events, and personalize your approach.

This International Women's Day, turn your Shopify store into a digital playground of engagement, where customers aren't just shoppers, they're co-creators, storytellers, and active participants in a vibrant community celebrating the power of women.

International Considerations

In the global tapestry of International Women's Day, cultural sensitivity is your magic thread, weaving success around the world. Adapting your messaging and campaigns to different contexts isn't just courtesy, it's respecting diverse narratives and building genuine connections.

Your website content and marketing materials should be translated, letting your story resonate in different languages and cultural nuances. Remember, a pink banner might scream empowerment in one country, while in another it might feel generic or even inappropriate.

Brazilian women in POD design

But your commitment goes beyond words. Ensure smooth delivery for international orders, demonstrating respect for time zones and cultural expectations. Picture smiling faces in Tokyo receiving beautiful kimono bundles alongside insightful blog posts on female entrepreneurs in Japan, or empowered women in Rio de Janeiro celebrating with limited-edition accessories while enjoying live discussions on Brazilian women's rights. Every detail, from language to logistics, speaks volumes about your authenticity and global awareness.

So, ditch the cookie-cutter marketing and embrace the beauty of cultural diversity. Be a storyteller, not a translator, adapting your message to resonate with different perspectives.


In the bustling marketplace of International Women's Day, your Shopify store can rise above the noise. Forget generic discounts and empty slogans - celebrate female narratives, engage with authentic content, and personalize your offerings. From curated collections spotlighting female creators to interactive campaigns and live events, weave a story of empowerment that resonates with your audience.

This isn't just a sales opportunity, it's a chance to connect, uplift, and build a loyal community. So, go forth, brave merchant, implement these tips, and share your own IWD strategies in the comments below! This International Women's Day, let's celebrate together, and watch our brands blossom into beacons of female empowerment, not just on March 8th, but every day.

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