Top 5+ Best Shopify Product Badges & Labels Apps For 2024

Shopify Apps Dec 9, 2023
Top 5+ Best Shopify Product Badges & Labels Apps For 2024

It takes time to look into the best product badges and label apps for Shopify stores when you're a busy entrepreneur running an e-commerce company. We therefore decided to take this extra step on your behalf.

With the use of these apps, you can make product labels that draw attention to particular items, create FOMO, and easily boost sales. With the use of these apps, you can make product labels that draw attention to particular items, create FOMO, and easily boost sales.

Fordeer has selected the top product label apps based on subjective factors such as the number of reviews, app store rating, and feature set. We hope that this will be useful to you as you choose the best app for your store through research.

What Are Product Badges and Labels on a Shopify Store?

You can use Shopify product labels and badges as visual components in your product photo collection listing to draw attention to specials and pertinent details.

The Shopify product badges and labels that are most frequently used are:

  • Sale and discount labels - easy way to show value and influence purchasing decisions.
  • Scarcity labels - seeing a low stock or limited edition product creates a sense of urgency.
  • Social proof labels - seeing that a product is a bestseller, was recently bought, or won an award builds trust.
  • Icons, navigational or illustration badges, are placed on a product page to increase trust and make the customer journey more intuitive.
What Are Product Badges and Labels on a Shopify Store?

Many Shopify apps make the claim that they are the only real tool for converting customers and helping you realize the full potential of your product label.

But the greatest Shopify app for product labels and badges offers more than just pre-made labels that you can affix to your selected item. Along with many other features, it enables you to automate and schedule label assignment, display multiple labels on a single product, modify and animate those product labels, and much more.

Let's explore which Shopify product badges & labels apps meet the majority of these requirements.

Top 5+ Best Product Badges & Labels Apps for 2024 on Shopify App Store: Overview

Fordeer: Product Labels‑Badges by Fordeer Commerce

With eye-catching labels and badges, Fordeer: Product Labels & Badges helps your Shopify business showcase products, facilitate decision-making for your clients, and increase sales. Furthermore, this application works with all themes and uses discount labels or sale badges to encourage sales.

Top 5+ Best Product Badges & Labels Apps for 2024 on Shopify App Store: Overview

It's getting easier than ever to sell products, promote new ones with new badges, offer flash sales, send out low-stock alerts with badges, etc. Additionally, merchants can personalize in their own way to highlight specific deals, discounts, merchandise, or promotions for their customers.

Key features:

  • Option to display selected pages: product page, collection page and more;
  • Custom text label and badge: text, font size, style, color, etc.
  • Product collection label for Christmas, Valentine, Halloween, BFCM, New Year…;
  • Freely customize badges designs and easily create trust badges.;
  • Show product labels by selected variants; condition-based variants are set.

Ratings: 5.0/ 16 reviews

Pricing plan: FREE

BSS: Product Labels & Badges by BSS Commerce

BSS Product Labels & Badges helps you motivate customers to purchase more with catchy labels and badges. You have two options: upload your own photos or use our pre-made library, which includes a variety of categories like discounts, BFCM, sales, Christmas, and New Year's.

BSS: Product Labels & Badges by BSS Commerce

Different display conditions, such as discount/price ranges, publish date/time, stock status, country, and label/badge visibility period, are also available through our app for your sales campaigns. Additionally, merchants can alter the display's size, position, and other parameters.

Key features:

  • Explore labels library: pre-designed sales, BFCM, Christmas images, and more;
  • Various display conditions: show label by stock status, discount range, and more;
  • Display on specific pages: product page, collection page, search page, and more;
  • Custom text label/badge/banner: dynamic text, font size, font style, font color;
  • Label per variant: display labels on selected variants on the product page

Ratings: 4.9/ 884 reviews

Pricing plan: Free plan available; from $5-$20 per month

DECO: Product Labels & Badges by Smartify Apps

DECO uses product labels and badges to increase customer engagement and encourage purchases. Emphasize the promotions and features of the product. Select labels from the gallery or completely alter them to fit the style of your brand.

DECO: Product Labels & Badges by Smartify Apps

Make the following key points scannable to enhance the catalog browsing experience: new arrivals, best-sellers, and out-of-stock items. Labels with different display conditions and label schedules are simple to manage. Install DECO now to make it impossible to overlook your products!

Key features:

  • Product label gallery for BFCM, Christmas, Valentine, Halloween, and holidays;
  • Labels by conditions: Collection, tag, discount, inventory, new, price,...;
  • Customize labels: Dynamic text, background, color, size, position, style,...;
  • No impact on loading speed and SEO performance guaranteed;
  • Show product label by selected variants, condition-based variants

Ratings: 4.9/ 365 reviews

Pricing plan: Free plan available; from $4.95-$24.95 per month

Flair Product Labels + Badges by Burst Commerce

Burst Commerce has developed an app called Flair Product Badges & Labels. First off, by employing product badges, this app can make your goods stand out from the multitude of competitors' offerings.

To help you sell products even more quickly, you can also pair these badges with tried-and-true marketing strategies like scarcity or social proof. More precisely, scarcity is the idea that a product is getting close to being sold out, which is a great way to get customers to buy before the product runs out.

Flair Product Labels + Badges by Burst Commerce

Additionally, you can show your customers the social proof for that product to let them know that many other people have already bought it and liked it. You could also mark that product as new or for sale to draw in customers and emphasize the fantastic value they are receiving.

Key features:

  • Increase sales with product badges, labels, stickers, banners & countdown timers
  • Boost ANY promo - BFCM, Pre-orders, Low Stock, Wholesale B2B, New Arrivals
  • Automate by Collection, Product Tag, Stock Level, Variant, Metafield, and more
  • Works with any theme, product variants, Shopify Markets, Shopify B2B
  • Free installation. 24/7 5-star customer service.

Ratings: 4.9/ 286 reviews

Pricing plan: From $29 to $99 per month

Sami Product Labels & Badges by

What you can do with Sami Product Badges & Labels? With just one click, you can choose badges or labels from our pre-designed collections in the app, regardless of what you sell and promote: Suitable for Every Theme, Use discount labels or sale badges to publicize sales. Create a sense of urgency, highlight staff picks, highlight best-selling items, highlight flash sales, and promote new products with new badges. Advertise free shipping and display low-stock badges for out-of-stock alerts.

Sami Product Labels & Badges by

Key features:

  • Unlimited product badges & labels. Unlimited custom badge & upload badge;
  • Library badges for Sale Label, Stock, Out Stock, Valentine's day, New Labels...;
  • Feature visibility within a period. Lifetime update for new label image;
  • Boot any promotion: pre-orders, new arrivals, combo offers, best seller badge...;
  • Set rules by tags, collection, variants, inventory, vendors, type, price, etc.

Ratings: 4.9/ 234 reviews

Pricing plan: Free plan available; from $5 to $20 per month

Prime Product Badges Stickers by Instashop

Product badges, sometimes called labels, stickers, tags, or markers, are a tried-and-true method of assisting customers in making decisions about what to buy and increasing conversions. Prime Product Badges Stickers can help you resolve all issues with this.

Prime Product Badges Stickers by Instashop

Product badges are heavily utilized by all of the premium online retailers. The same capability to make and show off expert badges on your Shopify store is provided by the Prime App. Promote special features like Out of Stock, BFCM, Trending, Pre-Orders, Wholesale, Low Stock, Sale, Collections, etc. automatically.

Key features:

  • 100,000+ built-in icons, upload own images, or create text badges. Customizable;
  • Powerful rules to automate badging. Add dynamic data (prices, metafields etc.);
  • Flexible display position. Show on any page. Mobile friendly. Badge groups;
  • Advance features: Scheduling. Geo-Target. Multi-lingual. Links. Tooltips & more;
  • Super fast display. Compatible with all themes. Works with search & filter apps.

Ratings: 4.9/ 196 reviews

Pricing plan: From $5 to $20 per month

Shine Product Badges ‑ Labels by ShineApps

Product Labels, Buy X Get Y, Trust Badge, Announcement Bar, Feature Icons, Free Shipping Bar, Bought Together, Countdown Timer, Email Popups, and much more are among the 12 features that ShineTrust offers.

Shine Product Badges ‑ Labels by ShineApps

It is possible to use the Product Badge & Label feature with any theme. There are thousands of pre-made badges in a library for a variety of applications. Discount, New, Best-Selling, Low-Stock, Flash Sales, etc. In addition, badges for annual occasions like BFCM, Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, and more can be customized.

Key features:

  • Product labels for BFCM, Christmas, New Year, and other pre-designed sales;
  • Multiple display conditions, pages & variants. Freely customize badge design;
  • Easily create trust badges, announcement bars, feature icons & free shipping bar;
  • Support bought together, countdown timer, sticky add to cart & quantity discount;
  • Email Popup collects email leads for the marketing funnel to rocket sales

Ratings: 4.9/ 75 reviews

Pricing plan: Free plan available; from $7.99 to $12.99 per month

Final Thoughts

Brand-consistent Shopify product labels and badges would be advantageous for any store.

We also wanted to simplify things for you! You now know what features to look for and which Shopify product labels and badge apps are the best value for your money.

We hope that by this point you have a clear idea of the best Shopify product labels and badges app for your needs, regardless of the kind of Shopify store you operate.

For more invaluable information, stay updated with Fordeer Team!

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