Using Testimonial Popup Shopify in Marketing: 8 Tips and Real-Life Examples

Sales Popup Sep 23, 2023
Using Testimonial Popup Shopify in Marketing: 8 Tips and Real-Life Examples

Testimonials serve as today's version of word-of-mouth, supercharging brand visibility and awareness in new ways.

Though customer reviews are well-known for their influence, finding creative ways to utilize them can be challenging.

In this article, Fordeer will reveal 8 practical approaches to using testimonials in marketing. We'll also provide top-notch examples from leading brands to inspire you and offer practical guidance.

Prepare to enhance your brand's visibility and witness how these tactics unleash the true power of customer testimonials. Indeed, learning from experts is the ultimate way to become a testimonial maestro!

What's the Aim of Testimonial Marketing?

Testimonial marketing uses happy customer experiences to boost a brand, product, or service.

Reviews offer the social proof to build trust and credibility with potential customers, ultimately boosting sales and conversions.

Testimonial marketing links your brand to potential customers by sharing genuine success stories.

And you know what? It works well!

Studies show that 92% of shoppers turn to online reviews and testimonials when buying something.

Even more remarkable, 72% of customers confess that positive reviews and testimonials greatly enhance their confidence in a company.

It's interesting that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends since people can sway others.

By harnessing the voices of content customers, your business can nurture trust, establish credibility, and connect with its intended audience, ultimately propelling success and expansion.

How to Incorporate Customer Reviews into Your Marketing Strategy?

A customer sharing their experience carries ten times more weight than anything you could claim about your brand.

Therefore, when you receive a testimonial from a satisfied customer, it's crucial to maximize its impact and let it stand out.

In this informative guide, we will unveil practical approaches to utilizing customer reviews and highlight some truly inspiring testimonial examples in marketing.

Attract New Visitors with Eye-Catching Testimonial Popups

Yes, pop-ups can be effective, and you might be surprised to learn how they can enhance your brand's credibility using testimonials.

For example, consider a makeup brand using a testimonial popup. The review highlights the cruelty-free products, and on the left side, you'll see a picture of two brushes floating in the air.

An example of Testimonial Popups

Pretty interesting, isn't it? Plenty of creative ways to use pop-ups to showcase satisfied customer reviews exist. Customize your pop-ups to align with user behaviour, from making a great first impression on new visitors with testimonials to displaying a popup for cart abandonment featuring a glowing review of the product they're about to leave behind.

The options are limitless!

And the best part? With the correct popup builder, you won't have to start from the ground up. Select a template and modify it to match your brand's requirements and aesthetics.

Display Happy Customer Reviews on Your Main Page and Landing Page

You aim to have your most satisfied customers' glowing testimonials featured prominently on your homepage, establishing a memorable initial impression that garners visitors' confidence.

Indeed, you can highlight the remarkable features of your product, but do you know what indeed strikes a chord with your audience?

It's the endorsement from customers who have experienced and endorsed your product.

Take Ahrefs as an excellent example of a skillfully executed testimonial display.

Take Ahrefs as an excellent example of a skillfully executed testimonial display

After effectively presenting their solution, they shift the focus to endorsements from industry authorities, a strategic manoeuvre that reinforces their message and establishes a stronger connection with the audience.

Ahrefs takes it further by customizing the testimonials for various personas and organizing them to appeal to distinct groups, ranging from SEO professionals and content marketers to e-commerce and SaaS proprietors.

This showcases their dedication to enhancing the impact of their testimonials.

Boost the Impact of Email Marketing Campaigns with Compelling Testimonials

They say that trust is built through softly spoken words rather than loud declarations, and the same principle applies to gaining the confidence of your target audience.

Incorporating impactful testimonials into your email marketing campaigns can serve as a subtle nudge that encourages your audience to take action.

When recipients open your email and navigate to the bottom, it indicates that you've captured their interest.

Now, strategically positioning customer testimonials in the email footer or subject line can sway them to click through.

Alternatively, consider launching a promotional campaign highlighting a specific product alongside a tailored testimonial from an enthusiastic customer.

However, the most effective approach lies in crafting a compelling narrative.

Showcase Customers Expressing Their Product Experiences Through Video Reviews

Four times as many consumers favor watching video reviews of a product compared to reading about it.

Videos can demonstrate functionality and elicit emotions in a manner that traditional product descriptions cannot replicate.

Therefore, if a customer is satisfied with their purchase and willing to write a product review, why not motivate and reward them for creating a video that comprehensively outlines their experience?

Not all individuals may take the time to scroll down and peruse a written testimonial. Still, a video can captivate their interest and compel them to explore further, potentially leading to a purchase.

While video testimonials can be instrumental in converting leads into customers, strategically placing them for maximum impact is crucial.

Have a look at Slack's page featuring stories of their customers.

Slack's customer stories page

The video is brief, with a runtime of only 3.0 minutes, and you don't have to watch it in its entirety to comprehend the customer's contentment.

The customer initiates the video by presenting their company and outlining their challenges, then proceeds to illustrate how Slack effectively addressed these issues.

Within just 30 seconds, you gain a clear understanding of the customer's situation, and the remainder of the video serves as a testament to the triumph of Slack rather than solely focusing on the customer's journey.

Enhance Conversion Rates by Integrating Testimonials into Paid Advertising

One picture has the power to communicate a vast amount of information. Coupled with customer testimonials, your advertisements gain extra credibility, serving as the proverbial icing on the cake.

By incorporating genuine customer experiences, you tap into the influential force of social proof, rendering your ads more enticing and reliable to prospective clients.

Select impactful and genuine testimonials that resonate with your target demographic to make the most of this tactic.

Incorporating customer photographs, names, and a concise excerpt from their review can impart a personal touch and enhance the perceived credibility of your advertisements.

Make sure that the testimonials you emphasize underscore the distinctive features of your product or service, along with the advantages it delivers to clients.

For instance, integrating testimonials into retargeting advertisements can remind potential customers about your product's value, thereby strengthening their interest and elevating the probability of converting them into paying customers.

Bolster Your Digital Presence with Engaging Case Studies

Do you count those with exceptional encounters with your product or service among your customers?

Think about featuring their experiences in a captivating case study.

This strategy serves as an effective use of testimonials and offers a tangible illustration of the genuine influence of your offerings.

An artfully constructed case study delineates the customer's voyage toward accomplishment, accentuating their challenges and elucidating how your product or service played a pivotal role in surmounting these hurdles.

You can cultivate trust among your brand's readers by providing concrete statistics and measurable outcomes.

Crafting a compelling case study hinges on its genuineness and its emphasis on the customer.

Bolster Your Digital Presence with Engaging Case Studies

Steer clear of being overly promotional; instead, centre the narrative on how the customer harnessed your product's capabilities to attain their objectives.

Integrating quotes and videos featuring contented customers can further enrich the narrative and enhance its authenticity.

Numerous brands allocate a designated "success stories" section on their website to showcase diverse customer experiences.

This not only applauds their customers' achievements but also underscores the brand's dedication to excellence.

By constructing authentic, customer-centred case studies, you can form a potent and convincing marketing asset that strikes a chord with prospective purchasers, illustrating the tangible value of your product or service in real-world scenarios.

Partner with brand ambassadors to create compelling blog articles

Identify your most devoted customers who closely align with your target audience and hold sufficient sway to motivate others to follow suit.

These content customers will likely be eager to assess your product and offer endorsement.

Now is the ideal moment to interview them and create a blog post detailing their journeys.

One creative way to utilize success stories is by amalgamating various formats, such as a Q&A session, audio and video testimonials, or in-depth interviews with customers about their experiences with your product or service.

These interview-based testimonials offer valuable perspectives and can function as extensive content on your website.

By presenting authentic customer experiences in various formats, you can generate compelling content that connects with your audience and underscores your product's or service's worth.

Inspire Engagement at the Top of the Sales Funnel with Happy Customer Stories

Imagine stepping into a charming coffee shop, where the delightful scent of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air, and the gentle murmur of conversations fills the space. As you settle in, you can't help but overhear a nearby group enthusiastically sharing their positive experiences with a specific brand.

This scene piques your curiosity, prompting you to explore further and discover more about this brand and its offerings. This scenario embodies the concept of top-of-the-funnel engagement.

To replicate this inviting and engaging ambience in the digital realm, you can effectively convey satisfied customer stories that evoke emotions and facilitate a connection with potential customers.

Why Is Testimonial Advertising Essential for Your Business?

In today's fiercely competitive market, businesses must find ways to distinguish themselves and establish trust with potential customers.

Testimonial advertising emerges as a potent tool to accomplish this by presenting genuine success stories in a compelling and relatable fashion. Here are the key reasons why businesses should harness the potential of testimonial advertising:

  • Enhanced Conversions: Incorporating testimonials can alleviate potential customers' doubts and lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Customer Retention: Sharing customer success stories can cultivate loyalty among existing customers, encouraging repeat business.
  • Addressing Skepticism: Authentic testimonials counterbalance the prevalence of fake reviews in the digital age, building credibility.
  • Storytelling: Testimonials enable businesses to narrate their brand's story through the lens of their customers, making it more engaging and relatable.

In summary, testimonial advertising is indispensable for businesses striving to carve a niche in a crowded marketplace.

By leveraging genuine customer experiences sincerely and persuasively, your brand can establish trust, drive conversions, retain customers, and captivate your audience through storytelling.

Incorporating testimonials into your marketing strategy resonates with your target demographic and provides tangible evidence of your products or services' real-world advantages.


In summary, by creatively utilizing customer testimonials in your marketing endeavours, you can adapt and experiment with various tactics to suit your brand's characteristics and requirements.

Incorporating well-crafted testimonial popups effectively captures your audience's attention without resorting to overtly promotional tactics.

Leveraging the authenticity of genuine customer experiences can elevate your marketing endeavours and foster a profound connection with your intended audience.

The possibilities are limitless when highlighting your customers' affection and contentment toward your products and services.

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