Why People Dislike Newsletter Pop-ups and Should We Employ Them?

Sales Popup Sep 23, 2023
Why People Dislike Newsletter Pop-ups and Should We Employ Them?

We currently encounter numerous websites requesting our email addresses, and most individuals dislike these requests.

Fordeer will address the biases surrounding newsletter pop-ups and investigate their underlying causes in this article. Additionally, we'll provide some suggestions on effectively showcasing advertisements via pop-up windows.

What is Newsletter Pop-ups

Newsletter pop-ups are a type of website feature or overlay that appears on a web page to prompt visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or email list. These pop-ups typically include a form where visitors can enter their email addresses and sometimes other information, such as their name or preferences.

The goal of newsletter pop-ups is to capture website visitors' email addresses so businesses or website owners can send them email updates, newsletters, promotional offers, or other relevant content in the future. Newsletter pop-ups can be effective for growing an email subscriber list but are sometimes considered intrusive by users if not implemented thoughtfully.

Here's an example of a newsletter pop-up:


The pop-up appears as an overlay on the website, typically with a semi-transparent background to highlight the message.


Headline: "Stay Informed and Never Miss an Update!"

Text: "Get the latest news, exclusive offers, and insightful articles delivered to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter."

Email Input Field: Where visitors can enter their email address.

Subscribe Button: A prominent button that says "Subscribe Now."

Checkbox: An option for visitors to consent to receive marketing emails.

Close Button: An "X" icon is usually used to dismiss the pop-up.

Timing and Triggers

Timing: The pop-up can appear after a certain amount of time spent on the website (e.g., 15 seconds).

Scroll Trigger: It might appear when a user scrolls down a certain percentage of the page.

Exit-Intent Trigger: This appears when the visitor intends to leave the website, such as moving the cursor toward the browser's close button.


The colors and fonts match the website's branding.

Some pop-ups offer customization options like choosing between weekly or monthly newsletters or selecting topics of interest.

This newsletter pop-up aims to encourage website visitors to subscribe to the website's newsletter, enabling the business to send them updates and promotional content via email.

Why do people hold such strong biases against popup services?

People have the liberty to maintain their biases against popups, as firms, entrepreneurs, and brands often fail to utilize popup display ads correctly.

Picture a scenario where you're enjoying a weekend with a friend. As you stroll along the streets, you come across an adorable café, and the delightful scent of coffee and brandy fills the air.

You opt to enter and purchase two cups of coffee. However, upon entering the cafe, you contemplate whether to indulge in a cake slice. Just as you move closer to examine the cakes, a coffee shop employee steps in between you and the dessert selection and says:

Hello, would you like to receive weekly notifications about our special coffee beans and dessert offerings? Join our coffee shop community today by providing your email address here. If you prefer not to subscribe to our coffee shop updates, feel free to leave, or unfortunately, you won't be able to make any purchases.”

What sort of encounter would that be?

It's akin to the sensation one experiences when confronted with those annoying real-life popups.

Take a moment to reflect. Are you effectively managing your leads, subscribers, email lists, and sales conversions?

If you answered affirmatively, then continue reading this article. Avoid bombarding individuals with repetitive and bothersome messages.

Popups can be an effective method for expanding your email list

Popups prove highly effective because they activate fundamental aspects of customer behavior. To offer users the most significant incentive, it's imperative to employ popups correctly.

How? Here's how:

Select the Optimal Timing

Timing is crucial.

Choosing the right timing can make or break your business and establish trust.

Give your website visitors time to familiarize themselves with your services and products before introducing popups. Avoid using popups upon landing, as it can disrupt user experience..

This approach is counterproductive, considering these individuals have yet to have an opportunity to explore your products and decide if they are interested. Requesting something as personal as their email address at this point can be irritating and detrimental to your conversion rate.

If you intend to utilize this service, employ it judiciously.

For instance, with Fordeer: Sales Pop Up ‑ Popups, you can create your popups and set specific rules for their display.

With Fordeer: Sales Pop Up ‑ Popups, you can create your popups and set specific rules for their display

You might choose to display your popups:

  • After visitors spend a certain amount of time on a particular page of your website.
  • When they have scrolled a certain percentage of a landing page or after a period of inactivity.
  • Just before they leave your website.
  • Regardless of how you configure your rules, you should refrain from showing popups when a visitor enters your website.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Illustrative popup demonstrating the importance of using engaging language in campaigns.

Another vital aspect of using popups effectively is to be mindful of the language you employ. People become weary of constantly being pushed to make purchases.

They don't need to be reminded. If you offer something of value, they will naturally return, explore your offerings, and make purchases. There's no need to insist they buy your product through obnoxious popups filled with aggressive sales jargon.

Maintain a respectful tone and avoid causing disruption. Politely request their email addresses by offering something valuable in return.

Embrace Originality

Have you grown weary of encountering the same generic popup display ads online?  Nothing is appealing about them. You can inject more creativity into your concepts and break free from the conventional.

Give Your Popups a Brand Identity

Craft popups that seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetics of your website, avoiding the jarring contrast of popups that seem out of place.

Tailor your popups to align with your digital campaign objectives, utilizing your brand's color palette and typography to maintain consistency with your website's design.

Fordeer: Sales Pop-Up ‑ Popups, a no-code popup builder, provides advanced customization options. Plus, you can create your initial popup for free.

Display Innovation

Creative instance of a newsletter popup.

We're discussing your enterprise, and these GUIDELINES can help boost your conversion rates.

Creative instance of a newsletter popup

Fordeer truly appreciates repeat visitors, active engagement, and genuinely interested customers. They are crucial for building a mutually beneficial relationship, which is why we emphasize the significance of customization.

Tailor Everything to Suit Your Customers

Make an effort to address a genuine issue or offer something genuinely valuable. Otherwise, individuals won't pay attention to your conventional, uninspiring, and outdated pop-up presentations.

We shouldn't evaluate something solely by its appearance, but that's precisely what we tend to do in today's digital era!!

We're always in a rush...

People can't afford to wait for your popup to vanish. In essence, should they believe that engaging with it will be worthwhile in terms of your products and services?

Give it some thought.

Popups Deliver Results

For instance, exit-intent popups and full-screen popups tend to yield superior results. So long as they incorporate attention-grabbing headlines, compelling calls-to-action, imaginative visuals, and enticing giveaways…

Additionally, explore some notable exit-intent popup examples from renowned brands to find inspiration for your own endeavors.

Sample Statistics from Our Popup Service

Take a look at these performance metrics from our popup services.

Sefa Stone, one of the leading providers of travertine, marble, and limestone in the USA, commenced its operations in Turkey in 1996 and expanded to the USA in 2006. Sefa Stone faced challenges with customers needing help measuring product size and grasping the installation process.

In this scenario, we introduced Fordeer: Sales Pop Up ‑ Popups-  advanced popups to assist them in enhancing their conversion rates.

We elevated their conversion rate using communication support line popups. The message is that you can significantly increase your conversion rates with the right strategies!

Hence, achieving positive outcomes becomes straightforward when you choose the appropriate popup services, especially for newsletter popups.


In conclusion, newsletter pop-ups can be a contentious topic in web design and digital marketing. While they have the potential to gather valuable leads and increase engagement, they also run the risk of frustrating or alienating website visitors.

The key to successfully employing newsletter pop-ups is finding a balance between user experience and marketing goals. Creating non-intrusive, well-timed, and value-driven pop-ups that respect the user's intent and preferences is essential.

As with any marketing strategy, the effectiveness of newsletter pop-ups will depend on how well they align with your overall digital marketing plan and how thoughtfully they are implemented.


What exactly are newsletter pop-ups, and how do they work?

Newsletter pop-ups are a website feature that displays a window or overlay, prompting visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or email list. They capture visitor attention and encourage them to provide their email address for future communications.

Why do some users find newsletter pop-ups irritating or disruptive?

Users often find newsletter pop-ups annoying because they can obstruct content, slow down website loading times, and interfere with the browsing experience. These disruptions can lead to negative user perceptions.

Do newsletter pop-ups help grow an email list, or do they drive visitors away?

While newsletter pop-ups can effectively grow email lists, their impact depends on how they are implemented. They can be successful when used judiciously and provide clear value to visitors. However, poorly designed or overly aggressive pop-ups can drive visitors away.

Are there specific industries or website types where newsletter pop-ups are more or less effective?

Newsletter pop-up effectiveness can vary by industry and website type. They perform well for e-commerce sites offering discounts but may be less effective on content-heavy blogs. Success depends on aligning the pop-up with visitor expectations and needs.

What are some best practices for designing non-intrusive newsletter pop-ups?

Designing non-intrusive pop-ups involves delayed timing (not immediately upon arrival), clear and concise messaging, an easy-to-find close button, and a mobile-responsive design. A/B testing can help find the most effective design.

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