Shopify Popup Conversion: Important Stats and 11 Proven Success Tips

Sales Popup Sep 9, 2023
Shopify Popup Conversion: Important Stats and 11 Proven Success Tips

Many individuals believe that popup display ads have become obsolete and are often associated with annoyance, outdated sales tactics, and irritation. However, it's worth reconsidering this perspective.

Admittedly, we've all had negative encounters with popups in the past. Nevertheless, the landscape has evolved significantly since the inception of popups.

In 2023, the average conversion rate for popups is 6%. So, why do prominent and reputable companies continue to employ popup display ads and gather data from them?

This question warrants careful consideration. The enduring effectiveness of popups is a testament to their continued utility. They continue to thrive because people have learned how to utilize them effectively.

As the Fordeer team, we assist our clients in boosting sales and conversion rates, growing their email subscriber list, and directing their website visitors with Shopify popups.

The primary objective here is to dispel misconceptions surrounding popups. In this article, Fordeer will endeavour to elucidate the rationale and provide vital Stats and 11 Proven Success Tips for Shopify popup conversion.

What is the True Purpose of a Popup?

The answer is straightforward. The primary objective of a popup is to deliver a compelling call to action.

But what exactly is a call-to-action button?

This means conveying a message geared towards action guiding your website visitors to gain valuable insights about your products or services.

However, it's crucial to emphasize that implementing the best practices should be driven by the specific problem, solution, and intent at hand.

If you disrupt the user experience and display irrelevant popups to users on the landing page, you encounter a problem. Imagine walking into a shopping center and being bombarded by a persistent and uninterested salesperson repeatedly asking the same question.

You'd swiftly make your exit from that place.

Popups Continue to Generate Conversions

Let's examine another research conducted by iPaper. In a sample of 2 billion popups, their findings revealed:

➤ When individuals encounter a popup for the first time, they engage with the brand at a conversion rate of 11%.

➤ The overall average conversion rate for all popups stands at 3.09%.

➤ The top-performing popups boast an impressive average conversion rate of 28%.

➤ Specifically for cart abandonment popups, the average conversion rate reaches 17.12%.

As per MailChimp's data, the typical email click-through rate spans approximately 2.61% across various industries. In contrast, based on findings from the Sumo study, the average conversion rate for all popups is about 3.09%.

Additionally, Entrepreneur conducted a survey revealing a significant impact of popups on, where subscriptions surged by an impressive 86%, and sales witnessed a remarkable increase of 162%.

Furthermore, Copyblogger's research indicated that implementing a popup strategy promptly resulted in a substantial boost in email list opt-ins.

In conclusion, Fordeer hopes these statistics have effectively demonstrated the continued effectiveness of popup strategies.

11 Proven Success Tips for Shopify Popup Conversion

Timing is Crucial

A pocket watch symbolizing the significance of timing

To ensure a seamless browsing experience for your users, you must showcase your popups at the most opportune moments.

Timing is Crucial when using Popups

Strive for relevance. By understanding your audience or prospective customers, you can address these inquiries in alignment with your business dynamics:

When is the optimal moment to request their email? (immediately, after some time, or as they're preparing to exit).

If you want to convert through a popup, delivering value to your visitors is essential. Otherwise, there would be little incentive for them to revisit.

Enhance Your Call-To-Action (CTA)

The cornerstone of conversion lies in a compelling CTA. You can effectively communicate your CTA message using popups.

However, it's essential to ensure the proper execution of your CTA. For instance, your language significantly influences visitor conversion when crafting a call to action for a newsletter popup.

It's essential to ensure the proper execution of your CTA

Remember to position it above the fold for optimal visibility. Additionally, opt for a design that is both simple and attention-grabbing. Utilizing a contrasting color scheme and employing persuasive language can effectively achieve this.

Infuse Creativity into Your Popups

Consider incorporating animations, selecting captivating designs

Consider incorporating animations, selecting captivating designs, and utilizing appealing colour palettes. Your goal should be effectively capturing your visitor's attention, thus enhancing your conversion rates.

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Adapt to Different Screen Sizes

A demonstration of a responsive popup design previewed on a laptop, tablet, and mobile device.

It's crucial to display your popups correctly on the appropriate instruments. For instance, if your popup proves to be bothersome or challenging to interact with on a mobile device, consider excluding it from mobile visitors immediately.

Ensure your popup ads are responsive across all devices, including tablets, desktops, and mobiles. Additionally, exercise caution to prevent any undue delays in loading times caused by popup ads on mobile devices.

Embrace Simplicity

Overloading with excessive text or demanding numerous form fields can be counterproductive for your offerings.

Your popup should seamlessly integrate with your website's functionality.

For instance, contemplate your popup's user experience (UX) design and strive to craft a visually appealing and straightforward popup that resonates with your customers.

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Maintain Content Visibility

An illustrative example showcases an email list discount popup with a '25% OFF FOR YOU' message and an image of a woman in workout attire.

An illustrative example showcases an email list discount popup

Employ an Exit-Intent Popup

Given that over 70% of your website visitors leave without taking action, and a substantial portion of them may never return, seize the opportunity to offer value and convert them into engaged users.

Utilizing exit-intent technology to gather email addresses or deter cart abandonment

Additionally, you can utilize exit-intent technology to gather email addresses or deter cart abandonment. This method is one of the most effective means to recapture your customers' attention by presenting compelling messages!

You can try to use Fordeer: Sales Pop Up ‑ Popups to improve your Shopify conversion.

Tailor Offers to Visitor Interests

Customize your offers to align with the unique interests of your website visitors. Take the time to gain deeper insights into their preferences, such as the blog categories they explore or the pages they browse.

Prioritize User Experience (UX) Design

To significantly enhance your conversion rates, it's crucial to empathize with your customers and view things from their perspective. The main objective is to improve the popup experience, ensuring that signing up or closing it is effortless.

Consider incorporating prominent close options or a 'no thanks' alternative. In this regard, creativity can be a valuable asset.

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Showcase Product Recommendations

Emphasize and suggest your top-selling products. You can incorporate popups on product pages to entice users to explore further or on checkout pages to promote cross-selling opportunities.

Employ Persuasive Language to Capture Their Attention

Popups can have a more significant impact by using emotionally charged language and tapping into FOMO.

Consider this: You can actively engage your visitors by incorporating psychological triggers and a countdown timer in your popups. Trigger words, notably, wield the power to elicit an immediate positive response, whether making a purchase, showing appreciation, or simply clicking through!

And who can resist a bit of FOMO?

By creating a sense that visitors might miss out on something truly remarkable, you're effectively encouraging them to take action.


By dispelling your preconceived notions, you now possess a deeper appreciation for the effectiveness of popup display ads. With our insightful tips, you're well-equipped to embark on the journey of enhancing your conversion rates.

Do you currently employ popups on your website? We're eager to learn any techniques or tactics you've used to optimize your Shopify popup conversion rate.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any inquiries or require assistance for the Fordeer team.

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