Top 05 Shopify PreOrder Apps in 2024 to Maximize Revenue

Shopify Apps Dec 5, 2023
Top 05 Shopify PreOrder Apps in 2024 to Maximize Revenue

As a Shopify merchant relying on eCommerce, pre-orders can be a great way to increase interest and sales for your new product launch. Yet, how do you find exactly an appropriate preorder app for your Shopify store? Let's dive deeper into the top five Shopify PreOrder apps in 2024 to maximize revenue and grow your business.

There are a lot of factors that depend on how well a new product is launched. And having a potent pre-order sales plan is one of the most important elements of a successful launch. First things first, Fordeer will walk you through what exactly a pre-order is. And why is it important for your online business? Keep reading to find all the answers you need.

What is a PreOrder? How Does a Shopify PreOrder App Work?

What is a preorder?

A pre-order is when customers make a purchase of a product before it is listed or officially released on your Shopify store. Preordering might take place several weeks or even months in advance. In order to be among the first to receive the product, customers reserve it on your eCommerce site.

Preorders are mostly used to generate buzz and anticipation for a product before it launches. Customers can guarantee their spot in the queue to receive the product when it's ready for shipping with this method. With a well-done preorder approach, you can make your customers excited. Obviously, they know they can get their hands on the goods before the merchant makes them available for general purchase.

There is more to a successful presale sales strategy than simply having a product up for sale before it launches. Incentives for purchasing the product and putting in place a system to guarantee that they receive it on launch day are also important considerations.

What is a PreOrder? How Does a Shopify PreOrder App Work?

How does a Shopify PreOrder app work?

Once you have set up preorders, your customers can pre-order and pay for things before they are ready for delivery. You need to be using a pre-order app in order to view information about your pre-orders. Examine the following conditions and limitations before implementing preorders in your store.

  • If you claim that a product can be sent in a specific amount of time, you must have a solid justification.
  • You must reasonably believe that the product will ship within 30 days of purchase if no date is stated explicitly.
  • In the event that you cannot ship by the estimated time, you must notify the client of the new shipment date and their ability to cancel and receive a refund.
  • Stores that have personalized checkouts are unable to accept preorders.
  • The following expedited checkout options are not available to customers for pre-order purchases: Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Meta Pay.
  • Pre-orders cannot be purchased by customers using local payment options like Sofort, Mollie iDEAL, or Klarna.
  • Only the Custom Storefront and Online Store sales channels are compatible with preorder products.
  • You can set up multiple purchase options on a product, but customers can’t combine different purchase options on the same product in a single checkout. For example, customers can’t pre-order a subscription product. A t-shirt for pre-order can't also be purchased as a try-before-you-buy order.
  • Pre-orders do not support buy X get Y discounts.

What are the Advantages of Shopify PreOrder Apps?

The advantages of Shopify PreOrder apps

Shopify PreOrder apps let e-commerce owners improve the functionality and user experience of their stores in a number of important ways. Here are a few noteworthy benefits:

Test demand

With Shopify pre-order apps, you can gauge consumer interest in particular products before making production or inventory investments. Knowing the demand for specific products will help you decide which ones to prioritize, which will eventually improve store performance.

Grab early sales

With PreOrder apps, you can guarantee sales for products that are out of stock or about to launch. This makes sure you are paid by eager consumers and gives you a competitive advantage in the market by selling things before they become generally accessible.

What are the Advantages of Shopify PreOrder Apps?

Generate revenue

You can increase your store's revenue by allowing pre-orders. Consumers who are enthusiastic about a specific product are more likely to place preorders, which will give you a sales boost early on.

Cut down on risk

PreOrders lessen the chance of overstocking or understocking merchandise. You can more effectively manage your inventory levels and steer clear of problems like unsold stock or lost sales opportunities by developing an understanding of customer demand.

Build anticipation

Pre-orders can generate excitement and anticipation for your products when they are introduced. This buzz can help build interest in your offerings and raise brand awareness by drawing more customers to your store and increasing sales.

Key features a Shopify PreOrder apps should have

A strong pre-order application for Shopify stores should meet the following requirements:

Easy to use

It must be simple to integrate the pre-order app with the Shopify platform. This guarantees that the app's installation and usage won't interfere with your Shopify store's user experience.

Product management prior to ordering

The app must enable simple and efficient management of pre-order merchandise. With the help of excellent software, you can quickly set up and manage products that are available for pre-order, including controlling inventory levels, pre-order window timings, and associated data.

Limited product feature

Scarcity is one of the most successful sales tactics, as was already mentioned, especially when it comes to pre-orders. As a result, confirm that the Shopify pre-order app you choose has the ability to restrict the quantity of items that can be ordered in advance. Customers are greatly encouraged to order sooner in order to ensure that they own the product, which is incredibly helpful in stimulating their desire to conquer and own it.

Key features a Shopify PreOrder apps should have

Notifications and an interface that can be customized

Customizing notifications for customers regarding their pre-order status, such as order confirmation, product availability, and shipping notifications, is undoubtedly a feature of a good Shopify Pre-Order app. It is also necessary to modify the app's interface to align with the style and branding of your Shopify store.

Report and analysis

Additional requirements for a pre-order app on Shopify include sales reports, customer activity, and an analysis of customer purchasing patterns. That allows you to keep tabs on things like revenue, inventory, and the quantity of preorders. Additionally, you will gain a general understanding of the pre-order campaign's effectiveness based on statistical data and other significant parameters, which will help you create a business plan that is better suited to the company's circumstances.

SEO and mobile-friendly

Having a pre-order app optimized for search engines like Google can improve your Shopify store’s ranking. This implies that when prospective buyers look for products related to pre-orders, they will be able to find you with ease.

Furthermore, since almost everyone has a smartphone these days, your pre-order app needs to work with mobile users. Making sure your PreOrder app works and looks good on mobile devices contributes to giving your mobile customers a convenient shopping experience.

Integrate many methods of payments

Clients will select various payment options based on their unique circumstances and preferences. The Shopify Pre-Order app satisfies customers' desire for flexibility by incorporating a variety of payment methods, making it simple for them to finish the payment process however they see fit.

You will gain customers' trust, raise conversion rates and the possibility that transactions will be completed, and generate revenue breakthroughs when you give them the option to pay with a method that they feel secure and comfortable with.

Top 05 Shopify PreOrder Apps in 2024 to Maximize Revenue

Pre‑Order Notify Me T Preorder by Kairock Partners SRL

Pre‑Order Notify Me T Preorder is one of the top-rated Shopify pre-order applications right now. This app lets you track your consumers by providing back-in-stock and pre-order notifications. Order tags, replenishment notifications, and pre-order emails are all automatically configured with Timesact. That permits you to move from a coming soon or product drop to a pre-sale and from a pre-sale to in-stock as a result.

Pre‑Order Notify Me T Preorder by Kairock Partners SRL

Key features:

  • 30-minute personal support from their experts (for new users only);
  • Partial payment 2.0 & discount 2.0 via Selling Plans for preorders & backorders;
  • Capture emails & send back in stock & restock alerts for non-preorder customers;
  • Build hype with countdown timers on coming soon, drops, pre-sales & restocks;
  • Save time by turning pre-orders & restocks on/off based on inventory levels

Ratings: 5.0/1,158 reviews

Pricing plans: Free plan available, from $6.55 per month

Notify! Back in Stock|PreOrder by Notify Me

Even if they haven't placed a preorder for your goods, customers may still communicate and receive information about your inventory status with the Notify! Back in Stock|PreOrder app. To achieve this, add an automated "Notify me" widget to the bottom of your product listing, which will alert you when an item runs out of stock. This function is particularly helpful because it allows you to engage with potential customers even if they aren't ready to pay for the goods yet.

Notify! Back in Stock|PreOrder by Notify Me

Key features:

  • The sophisticated analytics dashboard examines consumer preferences and offers an engaging report on inventory trends;
  • Completely adjustable widgets Permit the button to appear anywhere you'd like it to, including on product pages for preorders, the home or collection page, and hidden on particular products;
  • Your customers will receive automated notifications from it informing them of products that are back in stock;
  • Combine with additional marketing tools to create a workflow.

Ratings: 5.0/1,158 reviews

Pricing plans: Free plan available. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply. From $9.95 to $34.95 per month

Fordeer: PreOrder Now PreSale by Fordeer Commerce

Are you frustrated when your popular products go out of stock, causing missed sales opportunities? Look no further than the Fordeer: PreOrder Now PreSale application, which empowers your store to generate revenue even when products are temporarily unavailable.

This app is designed to help your store maximize sales, even when products are out of stock. With Fordeer, you can seamlessly replace the disappointment of out-of-stock items with preorder buttons, allowing customers to secure their purchases in advance.

Fordeer: PreOrder Now PreSale by Fordeer Commerce

Key features:

  • An integrated "Pre-Order" button ensures that things are sold out of stock every time;
  • Eliminate the inconvenience of out-of-stock merchandise to enhance the consumer experience;
  • Simple to use, it requires a few clicks to set up and develop campaigns;
  • Robust analytics dashboard with statistics on AOV and revenue.;
  • Create a buzz by using countdown timers for upcoming releases, pre-sales, restocks, and drops.

Ratings: 5.0/03 reviews

Pricing plans: FREE

Preorder Wolf | Pre order now by Boss Apps

You can revitalize your shop with an enticing Preorder Wolf | Pre order now app. Making a PreOrder button to replace the boring "Out of Stock" notification is simple. Additionally, you can increase sales by improving the shopping experience by enabling pre-orders for future or unavailable items.

Preorder Wolf | Pre order now by Boss Apps

You can also increase customer excitement by allowing pre-orders for new launches, which will create anticipation. This tactic not only guarantees customer pleasure but also raises your Average Order Value (AOV), attracting enthusiastic customers to your store. Adopting pre-ordering to maintain sales even in the face of low inventory is never that simple when using this effective technology.

Key features:

  • Continue selling of out-of-stock products with “Pre-Order & PreSale” buttons;
  • Simple campaign setup & installation in just a few clicks;
  • Track revenue and AOV with powerful analytics;
  • Improve customer experience by not interrupting sales if items are unavailable;
  • Fully customizable templates to suit your store.

Ratings: 4.9/560 reviews

Pricing plans: FREE

K: PreOrder Now & PreSale by Kaktus

K: PreOrder Now & PreSale ‑ By letting customers buy products even when they're out of stock, Kaktus helps you increase sales on your website. It replaces the normal Out of Stock button with an alluring Pre-Order button, allowing you to pre-sell items that are either out of stock or coming soon. By enabling customers to buy items before they become available, this increases average order values and creates excitement around the launch of new products in addition to increasing sales.

K: PreOrder Now & PreSale by Kaktus

Key features:

  • Utilize powerful analytics to track sales and average revenue;
  • Simple to install and set up campaigns in a few simple steps;
  • Fully customizable designs for your store's "Pre-Order & Pre-Sale" buttons;
  • Continue to sell even when an item is out of stock to increase customer satisfaction.

Ratings: 4.9/540 reviews

Pricing plans: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

In a Nutshell

Including pre-orders in your Shopify store is a terrific method to draw in more devoted clients and boost sales. It can be difficult to select the ideal Shopify pre-order software, nevertheless, for your needs. Keep in mind that while the majority of Shopify order-ahead apps provide all the necessities, each one also has extra features that make it unique. It could be a usability improvement, a new feature, or customer service

Never strive for perfection; instead, identify the greatest solution to support your company's objectives. Wishing you luck!

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Fordeer: PreOrder Now PreSale is designed to help your store generate revenue even when products are out of stock. With Fordeer, you can seamlessly replace the disappointment of out-of-stock items with preorder buttons, allowing customers to secure their purchases in advance. Do not hesitate, let's maximize your sales potential and keep your customers engaged with Fordeer today!


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