Top Best Health & Beauty Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023

Dropshipping & POD Dec 19, 2022
Top Best Health & Beauty Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023

You can dropship health and beauty products if you're searching for a market with a lot of highly sought-after products. Unquestionably, one of this niche's strengths is the high level of demand. Additionally, you may take advantage of quick shipment across the United States to increase the allure of your offer.

The beauty sector produces things like body care, cosmetics, and fragrance. While the healthcare sector also sells conventional pharmaceuticals, vitamins, probiotics, and herbal remedies.

Since we all need these things in our daily lives, let's quickly look at the top health & beauty dropshipping suppliers are most popular in these sectors.

Why you should dropship health and beauty products?

The global beauty and personal care market is entering the recovery phase. The US health and beauty industry is expected to grow annually by 4.06% in 2021-2025. 32% of total revenue will be generated through online sales, according to Euromonitor.

Why you should dropship health and beauty products?

In other words, by opening an online business in this market segment, you're taking advantage of both the market's recovery period and the emerging trend.

What makes products for health and beauty so exciting?

Evergreen niche

Visit the restroom and have a peek around. A broad variety of goods, including instruments for hair care, cosmetics, health supplements, and skincare, will be available. Everyone purchases things of this type! They are evergreen items with consistent demand over decades since we do it frequently.

What makes products for health and beauty so exciting?

Bulk purchases and repeat customers

Additionally, customers frequently make recurrent purchases of health and beauty items and tend to buy them in large quantities. When purchasing a disposable razor, a male will most likely also purchase a few more. And if a lady like the new nail paint she purchased there, she'll undoubtedly return to buy more of it!

The shift towards online sales

As being previously stated, more people now choose to purchase health and beauty items online, thus it makes sense to open a dropshipping business in this market. Additionally, it implies that social media may be used to advertise these products, particularly those that prioritize visual content, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Furthermore, you may profit from quick shipment across the entire country if you wish to focus on the United States (the market's largest section).

Top best health and beauty dropshipping suppliers in 2023

This means you don't have to worry about physically storing or managing goods. The supplier handles inventory and the shipping process, and acts as the wholesaler for the online seller. It's the most effective way to sell your beauty products online.

Dependable Industries

Since 1978, Dependable Industries has grown to be a renowned wholesaler with a clear focus on selling quickly through their discounts and supplying distinctive goods.

Dependable Industries

They are a family-run business, and ever since they opened their doors, they have put their clients first. They assert that they have always been dedicated to providing a means of profit for all internet merchants, discounters, or wholesalers.

Dropship Town

Dropship Town was founded with the intention of assisting anyone who wanted to succeed in internet business. The market is competitive, rigid, and subject to technological difficulties (particularly when selling on Facebook Marketplace).

Dropship Town

They welcome you with open arms and encourage you to contact them with any inquiries you may have. They have a decent amount of industry knowledge!

Doba focuses entirely on dropshipping. It enables you to dropship more than 2 million items from 170 carefully vetted vendors.

All of these goods are a component of the general commerce, electronics, and health & beauty industries, among many others. The nicest part of Doba is that you can try it out for a month without having to input a credit card.

DIA Naturals

A holistic and all-natural beauty line called DIA Naturals was developed to provide harmony and spirituality to the body and psyche. DIA Naturals, a company based in Katy, Texas, was founded with the intention of bringing nature's curative vision into human bodies.

DIA Naturals Product

Their goods are vegetarian and free of animal testing, and a percentage of their revenue is given to animal rescuers who raise money for educational programs in Africa.

The Pure Source

A private label manufacturer specializes in creams, gels, pills, and capsules. The Pure Source began manufacturing cosmetics, vitamins, and medications back in 1995.

The Pure Source

The U.S. FDA has authorized each of their items, and they are experts in private labeling, packing, and shipping.

VK Wholesale

To provide every customer the possibility to save money, VK Wholesale is steadfastly committed to offering products of the greatest quality at the lowest costs.

VK Wholesale

They all provide discounts on commodities at low pricing, including medicines, home goods, products for sexual health, and many more essential goods for maintaining good health.

MVP Trading Co.

MVP Trading is a well-known U.S. distributor and exporter of branded goods for home, personal care, and health.

MVP Trading Co.

With more than 4,000 goods in store, it has more than 60 categories. They have over 20 years of experience in e-commerce and provide services in English, French, and Russian.


A top-tier wholesale provider of luxury hair extensions in various textures. BellaHair handles all of their shipping, which often takes 1 to 3 days.

BellaHair products

They offer distinctive reselling to protect their clients' exclusivity from any outside competition.

Global Phoenix

Global Phoenix is the supplier to work with if you are so concerned with getting your items out the door as quickly as possible. Global Phoenix is an e - commerce website with a large selection of goods and dependable, quick shipping.

Global Phoenix showcases goods in the areas of jewelry, consumer electronics, and health & beauty. It aims to do the task promptly and offers pricing that are quite competitive.

Lotus Light

A top wholesaler serving markets around the country with health and beauty products. Products like bath stores, hair salons, organic food, etc. Lotus Light asserts that it only offers the greatest goods.

Lotus Light

With a 97% in-stock percentage, they offer traditional, highly personalized services that cater to your demands. Don't forget that Lotus Light additionally asserts that all of its items are flawless and in excellent shape!


This market segment continues to be one of the most well-liked in comparison to others despite rather fierce competition. The explanation is straightforward: We purchase health and beauty products every week or month. You simply cannot live without it.

In addition, customers in this market segment frequently buy multiple items from the same vendor. This information makes it a very promising dropshipping niche! Fordeer hopes that this article would be useful with your dropshipping business.

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